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Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach Cat Food Review: Best for Sensitive Stomach

Does your cat have a sensitive stomach that causes them to throw up after every meal? You can rely on Purina ONE Sensitive Systems to nourish your cat while taking care of her sensitive stomach.

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach cat food

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach cat food

Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Cat Food was thoughtfully manufactured for cats with sensitive stomachs.

  • Brand: Purina ONE
  • Product number: 00017800179188
  • Item form: Dry


Compared to other Purina Cat Foods, this one has high protein content, uses high-quality ingredients, and is veterinarian-approved. The downside is that it has filler agents in its formulation.


  • Contains fat sourced from animal meat
  • Highly digestible
  • Features additional nutrients and vitamins
  • Cats love its delicious taste


  • Incredibly high carbohydrate content
  • Contains several filler agents
Value for money

The details

Anyone who lives with a cat with a sensitive stomach understands how easily their stomach can get upset. The Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food features a blend of natural ingredients which offer your cats the essential nutrients they need without upsetting their sensitive stomachs.

Moreover, the Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Dry Cat Food is manufactured in the United States, with most ingredients sourced from North America.


Overall, this dry cat food features a delicious taste that most cats love. Moreover, Purina ONE boasts a crunchy texture that promotes healthy gums, strong teeth by reducing plaque buildup.


Purina ONE is safe to use and contains highly digestible ingredients for ease of digestion, making it ideal for use by cats with sensitive stomachs.

Moreover, this cat food is primarily made of turkey and chicken, thereby offering your feline friends a high amount of protein. However, it also contains corn gluten, ground corn, rice flour, oatmeal, and soybean.

Aside from this, the primary sources of fat in Purina ONE cat food are beef fat and a touch of soybean oil. Lastly, this meal is fortified with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins alongside dried peas and carrots. It also contains a caramel color.


Every ingredient in Purina ONE was designed for cats with sensitive stomachs. In fact, the ingredients are well-chosen and create a wholesome recipe that offers high nutrition.

Aside from this, each serving contains added minerals, nutrients, and vitamins, such as fatty acids and omega 3. Thus, it helps nourish your cat’s sensitive body and boost its immune system. Lastly, all ingredients are safe for consumption.

Value for money

Purina ONE offers you the best value for your money compared to other competing products for sensitive stomach cats in the market since it offers your cats their needed nutrition without breaking the bank or irritating their sensitive stomachs.

Final verdict

Overall, Purina ONE Sensitive Systems is fairly decent cat food. Other than the previous brand recalls and high carbohydrate levels, the food lives up to its marketing.

In fact, after the recalls, the brand addressed the issues and improved its quality. However,  some of its downsides include the fact that it contains numerous filler agents that might trigger allergic reactions for some cats. In addition, it has a high level of carbohydrates that might not be healthy for some cats.

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