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Puritan’s Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil Omega-3 Supplement Review: Best for Vegetarians

Are you living a vegetarian lifestyle and need an Omega-3 supplement that fits your choices? Have a look at this plant-based Omega-3 supplement.

Puritan's Pride Organic Flaxseed Omega-3 Supplement

Puritan's Pride Organic Flaxseed Omega-3 Supplement

This product is better suited for people looking for vegetarian supplement choices.

  • Brand: Puritan's Pride
  • Model: 6420
  • Item form: Liquid


Puritan’s Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil is a good source of Omega-3 and omega-6 & 9. This omega rich oil will surely boost your body functioning. It is easy to consume and free from most allergens. It helps people with dry skin, retinal dryness, and nerve related pain.


  • Good for seasoning
  • Plant-based
  • Free from common allergens


Value for money

The details

This supplement is a nice source of Omega-3 as it packs 6g of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA). ALA is a common form of Omega-3 in vegetarian options of the supplement as DHA and EPA are sourced from fish. Since ALA is not as easily used by the body, the high potency makes up for any loss in nutrients during absorption.

Easy to swallow

The product is an oil so you won’t have to worry about swallowing giant pills. You can add it to other food items such as yogurt or smoothies and consume it with ease.


As the product is solely made from flax seeds and not from fish, it does not have a fishy flavor or smell. It is flavor neutral which means you can add it to other food products without soiling its flavor.

Health benefits

This supplement helped lessen depressive moods. It also alleviates joint pains. As it is an oil you can use this as seasoning and reap the benefits in any meal.


The product has a few faults but for this price it is a decent supplement. It can be better and we hope to see improvements.

Final verdict

Puritan’s Pride is an economical and healthy choice which is suited for vegetarian consumers. It has health benefits which outweigh the few structural problems.

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