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Pyle PLG6.2 Car Speakers Review: Best Affordable

These speakers are not only best for their affordability but also for their excellent features. They have a butyl rubber surround with neodymium dome tweeter and steel basket. In the size of 6.5” and 65-25 frequency response, they work well at maintaining smooth sound quality over high volume.

Pyle PLG6.2 6.5 inch Speakers

Pyle PLG6.2 6.5 inch Speakers

It can deliver detailed audio output at high volumes without distortion!

  • Brand: Pyle
  • Product Number: GEAR PLG6.2
  • Type: Surround Sound


Built to deliver powerful and dynamic sounds, the Pyle Gear coaxial speakers are simply perfect to play quality music in your car!


  • Great component design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Admirable tonal accuracy
  • No distortion at high volume


  • Not easy to install! Ordinary bass output!
Ease of installation
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

Designed for exceptional power handling and exceptional performance, Pyle Gear PLG6.2 car speakers will deliver what you expect. These coaxial speakers belong to Pyle’s latest series. You get impressive yellow poly injected cone for better durability. Besides, these speakers got high-quality aluminum voice coil, butyl rubber surround, steel basket, and top-quality capacitors for better performance.  

Ease of installation

Pyle is delivering PLG6.2 car speakers with all the necessary mounting hardware. You can easily install them in the car if got the right set of tools the basic knowledge of installing car speakers. It might be daunting to install these speakers if you haven’t installed car speakers before.

Quality of material

Pyle has used top-quality materials to build these speakers. Whether you assess the grilles, basket, or cone, all of them are made of top-quality materials. These speakers are going to offer a long and satisfying service.  

Sound quality

These car speakers deliver crisp clear sound at high volumes. Bass quality is still ordinary, which Pyle must improve to draw more music lovers. You will admire the audio output if you don’t play bass-boosted songs quite often!

Value for money

These are affordable car speakers. You get a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty with these speakers. So, you can return or replace them if you spot any damage! The build quality is pretty awesome, so you will enjoy consistent performance of these speakers for a long time.

Final verdict

It’s the second pair of car speakers we have included in our top-ten car speakers list. Pyle builds affordable, durable, and high-performance speakers for vehicles. These are indeed perfect for your needs if can ignore poor bass output!

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