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Reebook Nano 8.0 Crossfit Shoes Review: Best for Rope Climbing

This is an ideal purchase for the crossfit workouts because it has a 4mm drop that ensures that your weight gets distributed equally. The Flexweave technology casts a positive impression on its flexibility, and the premium composition depicts the longer longevity of your shoes. You can get it in tons of varieties and sizes available out there.

Reebook Crossfit Nano 8.0 Shoes

Reebook Crossfit Nano 8.0 Shoes

Unlike past models, the new bootie construction is independent of the outer shoe material to enhance comfort.

  • Brand: Reebok
  • Product Number: CN2971
  • Type: Sneaker


Rebook focuses on improving comfort and stability by redesigning the bootie construction and including new features like a heel cup.


  • Incredibly stable
  • Breathable construction
  • Wide toe box


  • May be too flexible for some users
Value for money

The details

Being the eighth iteration of Rebook’s CrossFit shoes, the company has outdone itself. This model surpasses its predecessors by introducing a range of new features that enhance comfort and performance.


The pair is primarily made of Reebok’s Flex weave material which features an open figure-8 construction. This means the material interlocks unlimited amounts of fiber to create a durable material. In addition, Flex weave material doesn’t stretch too much, enhancing the shoe’s longevity.


The shoe is available in different colors and styles allowing you to match your workout gear. What’s more, it has a sleek and slim profile that makes it easy on your feet; nobody wants to wear a bulky-looking CrossFit shoe when training.


The new bootie construction stands out for this new Rebook CrossFit training pair. It enhances comfort and flexibility so you’re never limited in movement and you can slide into the show barefoot. Also, the shoe is fitted with a heel cup that adds stability when performing lateral workouts.


The shoe is a tad pricey but worth every dime. The new bootie construction, hard outsole, and Flex weave material provide maximum comfort to your feet.

Final verdict

The new Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 isn’t just designed to provide comfort during intense CrossFit training exercises but also to enhance your performance. The additional heel cup adds stability when working out while the improved bootie construction ensures you’re comfortable throughout the workout session.

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