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Renew Life Extra Care Probiotic Supplement Review: Best for Immune Support

An award-winning probiotic that caters to the needs of digestive health and strengthens the immune system.

Renew Life Extra Care Probiotic Supplement

Renew Life Extra Care Probiotic Supplement

Keeping its harmful counterparts in check, the good bacteria in this supplement is best for enhancing the body’s immune system with its 12 probiotic strains and 30 billion cultures. It eases several digestive symptoms and restores optimal health.

  • Brand: Renew Life
  • Product Number: 631257120267
  • Release date: February 20, 2018


While it replenishes digestive health well enough, the selling point for this probiotic is its ability to offer exceptional immune support. Not only that but it also boosts the respiratory system making it a winner in the supplement market.


  • Guaranteed potency
  • Restores respiratory and digestive systems
  • No allergies
  • Well-priced


  • Refrigeration required
  • Claims not evaluated by the FDA
Value for money

The details

A winning combination of 30 billion CFU’s and 12 different strains makes this one of the most sought-after supplements in the probiotics niche. Regulating GI imbalances and bowel diseases, Renew Life also helps restore respiratory health and bolster the immune system with its strong ingredients.


With the blend of Bifido Probiotic and Lacto Probiotic, the product claims to restore the digestive system to its optimal functioning. It helps restore gut bacteria levels that decrease with age while modulating the immune system and improving its performance against invasive bacteria.

The formula features a delayed-release capsule that is more effective in penetrating deep into the gut to do its work there.

Customer reviews show the high satisfaction rate users associate with this product. However, some may consider the effectiveness of the probiotic supplement mediocre at best.

Ingredient quality

This probiotic supplement needs to be stored in a refrigerator for best results. It undergoes testing from third parties which proves the quality of its ingredients.

Renew Life also provides complete strain transparency on the pack to ensure the efficacy and potency of their product.


Ingredients used in the manufacturing of this supplement are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free making it a gut-friendly product. This also minimizes the risk of any potentially severe side effects.

Plus, it is a non-GMO verified probiotic supplement.

Value for money

It is a fairly priced probiotic that gives good value for the money.

Manufacturers recommend taking 2 capsules per day, which makes the 60 vegetarian capsules included in one bottle last you an entire month.

Final verdict

Harnessing the potential of a high CFU count with a diverse strain profile, Renew Life Extra Care is one of the most ambitious supplements on the market. It delivers as promised and has managed to keep the gut and immune health of users going strong for many years now.

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