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Restolin Dietary Supplement Review: Best Supplement for Maintaining Healthy Hair Growth

With an aim to improve nutrient delivery to lackluster and thinning hair, it gives hair its former strength, appearance, and volume back.

Restolin Dietary Supplement

Restolin Dietary Supplement

Designed to work as a nutritional supplement for hair regrowth and preventing more hair loss, Restolin aims to work with the users’ current lifestyle dietary and other habits without demanding any significant changes to their daily routine. With an easy-to-take capsule form, it doesn’t need any application to hair or other rigorous maintenance.

  • Brand: Restolin
  • Item form: Capsule


Providing a straightforward solution to hair loss, Restolin is a one-stop for all hair thinning woes. Using a synergistic combination of hair-boosting ingredients, it shows anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potential to revive dull and thinning hair while preventing future hair loss. But while it does promise to give you stronger and voluminous hair, the results are slow in coming so you will need to continue using it for a while before you notice any visible results.


  • All-natural ingredients


  • Only available from the official website
  • May present side effects for some
  • May counteract with other medication
Value for money

The details

Restolin is an oral supplement that works its magic by getting absorbed in the bloodstream to provide nourishment to your hair follicles to support hair structure, texture, and growth while moisturizing the scalp. It uses a versatile blend of potent botanicals to address different stages of hair growth and replenishment.


Restolin uses a clever combination of natural ingredients to treat hair damage naturally. Targeting damage that occurs at the root level, making hair strands more prone to weakening and breakage, it treats hair loss from the roots and eliminates harmful microorganisms that live in the scalp.

Creating a healthier scalp environment, helps it deliver noticeable visible results such as improved hair texture, shinier locks, and more youthful looking hair. Because it uses a blend of the purest and most natural ingredients, it not only cleanses but also moisturizes hair, preventing frizziness and dryness of hair strands. Cleansed and moisturized hair helps yield softer strands with less breakage.

Restolin may also help some users reverse hair greying and delay early hair whitening.  

One significant feature of Restolin is the use of numerous adaptogens in its formula. Adaptogens are antioxidant-rich plant extracts that help the body regulate stress and may be beneficial in managing stress-related or stress-induced hair loss.

While the product seems to enjoy well-received reviews overall, individual results can vary.


Manufacturers recommend using 2 capsules per dose once a day, preferably with a meal. This is to facilitate nutrient absorption so that users can best use up the nutritional potency of Restolin to support follicle growth and other aspects of hair health.

The supplement uses a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, many of which are borrowed from traditional medicine.

The mechanism, as described by its creators, targets to work on the steroid linked to hair loss and reverses the process.

Restolin uses two vitamins, vitamin C and E, both of which have an excellent antioxidant profile to help fight inflammation. The two vitamins are also integral to general health and overall wellbeing.

In addition, Restolin relies on the mineral potency of selenium, which has a very close link to optimal hair growth. Selenium targets dandruff-causing fungus making it an often-used ingredient in several dandruff treatment products. It is also needed for thyroid hormone production that regulate hair growth.

Other than these vitamins and minerals, Restolin uses a combination of plant extracts and adaptogens to foster healthy inflammation and stress responses in the body.  


Manufactured in a USA FDA-approved, GMP certified facility, the creators of Restolin have ensured that the product is put together in compliance with strict, precise, and sterile safety standards. Every capsule contains only natural ingredients and nothing else.

Based on its natural composition and sterile production, Restolin promises to deliver no side effects. However, anyone allergic to soy or other ingredients used in the supplement needs to be careful.

Typically, if you are following the recommended dosage and aren’t allergic to any of its components, you should be fine. Yet, a small percentage of users may still experience side effects regardless of their dosage.

People who are using any types of medication should first consult with their doctor to see if Restolin is safe for them to use. Likewise, pregnant or nursing women should not take Restolin.

The product is not FDA- approved for preventing baldness, promoting hair growth, or reversing hair and has no clinical trials to establish its claims. And while there is a clear ingredient list on the Restolin label, the supplement does not disclose the dosage of each ingredient, hiding it within a proprietary blend.  

Value for money

Restolin is only available for purchase from its official website and any other vendors claiming to sell the product may or may not have the genuine supplement.

The official website also offers promotions and discounts which you can avail to bring the price per bottle down should you decide to continue with this product.

The website offers a few different packages to suits different users. If you are a first-time user, or simply want to try out their product, you can avail their basic package which contains one bottle of Restolin at its regular retail price.

For consumers interested in getting multiple bottle at a discounted price, the website offers a Most Popular and Best-Value option to get either 3 or 6 bottles respectively.

Both the 3 and 6-bottle options are offered at a discounted price.

So, like many of its competitors, Restolin may seem like a pricey investment for a first-time user looking to purchase a single bottle only. But if you decide to continue with its use, you can opt for the multiple bottle option making it a good purchase that offers value for the money.

If you are not pleased with your purchase, you can always avail the brand’s 60-day, money-back guarantee and request a complete refund.

Final verdict

If you feel that your diet, age, hair treatment options, or other damage have done a number on your hair, then Restolin could be your redeeming factor. Users who started using this supplement and then decided to continue with its use gush about its effective formula that helped then regain not only their hair but also their confidence back. This makes it an ideal product for people looking to give their strands a much-needed nutritional boost from the inside out.

However, if you have allergies or other sensitivities or are using medication of any kind then you need to talk to your doctor first. Restolin may interact with certain medications and may not be safe for everyone to use.

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