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Hover-1 Hoverboard Review: Best for Adults

This hoverboard comes with exciting LED lights but the new thing is that you can customize them after your heart. It also carries beginner, intermediate and expert modes to help you make your progress at a convenient pace. The company provides you with an app to control its every feature.

Best Hoverboards

Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard Review: Best for Kids

It depicts a user-friendly configuration that anyone can master overnight. The hoverboard can carry weight up to 160 pounds and comes with attractive designs to make you stand out. It has an efficient battery performance that goes for more than 3 hours.

Best Hoverboards

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review: Best for Gifting

It is a perfect choice if you are getting started with the hoverboards. The rubber wheels make sure there are no marks on your carpet while the even coating makes it a better option for smooth surfaces. You can ride it up to as much as 10 mph, and play your songs through in-built Bluetooth.

Best Hoverboards

Hover-1 Chrome Hoverboard Review: Best Sturdiness

This one’s highlighted aspects are its music settings and innovative lights. It is water-resistant so you need not worry about water splashes anymore. The 6.5-inch tire wheels can cope with the toughest of the paths and make this board a better choice for the professionals out there.

Best Hoverboards

Hover-1 Chrome 2.0 Hoverboard Review: Best for Smooth Rides

This hoverboard is an ideal choice for both kids and adults alike. It has a battery life indicator that lets you know beforehand if the board's running out of power. The built-in Bluetooth speaker ensures you can listen to your favorite tracks while riding on it. Its range is up to 6 miles and shows a 5-degree inclination.

Best Hoverboards

SISIGAD Hoverboard Review: Best Affordable

This hoverboard opens a door of opportunities for you as it lets you use it for skateboarding, riding, and inline skating. It has an exceptional control system that keeps a check on the board's stability. The LED lights and Bluetooth feature make it a more relevant choice.

Best Hoverboards

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard Review: Best for Stability

This hoverboard depicts multiple modes, suitable for both professionals and laymen. The significant feature is that you can ride it on any surface and it provides a smooth transition for the change of the tracks. It may weigh up to 30 pounds but shows a weight capacity of more than 400 pounds.

Best Hoverboards

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Hoverboard Review: Best for Beginners

This hoverboard has a 12-month warranty and shows a greater range which is 11 miles. You can use it to perk up your summer nights because it has LED lights which would illuminate all your surrounding in one go. It provides an inclination angle of 30 degrees.

Best Hoverboards

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review: Best Design

The anti-skid pedals of this hoverboard keep all the mishaps to the minimum. It has a weight capacity of 165 pounds and a speed limit of 7.5 mph. The best thing about it is that it has rather simple features which you can rely on easily.

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