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Rockwell CXID032 Cimexa Bed Bug Killer Spray Review: Best Effectiveness

This bed bug insecticide is a 4oz dust insecticide that is used for control of all types of bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice, spiders, roaches, mites, and dry wood mites. It has a long-lasting protective impact due to silicon dioxide as its active ingredient.

Rockwell CXID032 Cimexa Dust Bed Bug Killer

Rockwell CXID032 Cimexa Dust Bed Bug Killer

Best effective & powerful bed bug killer spray

  • Brand: Rockwell
  • Model: CXID032
  • Material type: Dust or wettable powder


The spray is coming in the form of dust or wet-able powder that is excellent at killing bed bugs, ticks, fleas, roaches, spiders, etc. It also protects against wood termites. It can easily reach hard areas such as cracks, crevices, voids, as well as mattresses, carpets, and attics. The silica-based formula destroys the bed bugs instantly and it remains viable for up to 10 years if it’s undisturbed.


  • Mineral-based active ingredient
  • Fast and effective control
  • Kills a wide range of insects


  • Might not be safe for all homes
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

It’s such a hassle when you encounter bed bugs in your homes, or while traveling and you keep spraying the bed bug spray but they’re not dying until your spray is all finished. In such situations, having an effective bed bug spray at hand becomes an absolute must. Keeping this in view, Rockwell Labs has made Cimexa Insecticide Dust as it comes with a strong and effective formula that is extremely effective in killing all sorts of insects, especially bed bugs.


The bed bug dust by Rockwell Labs offers high value because it offers unmatched control of the bed bugs, even the bugs that are resistant to pyrethroids. Its engineered silica helps to have a rapid and lasting control that remains viable for up to 10 years if undisturbed. These instant killing and fast control qualities make it a valuable item.

Ease of use

This product comes in the form of a powder that can be mixed with water too. This silica-based dust can be absorbed in water or oil to be used in liquid form. So both powder and liquid forms can be used to kill bed bugs. Hence the mixture can be used however you like.


Rockwell Labs Cimexa Insecticide Dust is extremely effective in controlling different insects including bed bugs and their eggs. Its two-way use; powder or liquid, makes it get to hard-to-reach areas and hence effectively targets each insect easily. Its silica-based formula kills even parathyroid and pyrethroids-resistant bed bugs.


This bed bug killing formula is made with high-quality ingredients that make it long-lasting and effective but it includes ingredients that can cause harm or allergies and hence must be kept out of reach of children. It is made only for use on cracks, cervices, and other bed-bug surfaces. Any extra residue must be cleared and dried so that it can’t harm anything else.

Final verdict

You should get Rockwell Labs Cimexa Insecticide Dust in case you are looking for a solution that gets rid of bed bugs and their eggs and also lasts a long time. This product is not for you if you want an organic and safe product. OwlRatings experts suggest this product for its high value, great effectiveness, and long-lasting impact.

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