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RXBAR Protein Bar Review: Best for Men

It is an ideal choice for people who want to go with a natural protein source. It comprises walnuts, cinnamon, and egg white, so you need not fear any negative outcomes. This can be a reliable on-the-go snack or a wholesome treat to brighten up your day ahead.

RXBAR Banana Chocolate Walnut Protein Bar

RXBAR Banana Chocolate Walnut Protein Bar

RXBAR Protein bars are best at keeping you energized and full during a hectic day. Do not get worried about a missed meal. These bars can be a temporary source of food until you get some time to consume a proper lunch.

  • Brand: RXBAR
  • Product Number: RXB1001/100/118
  • Flavor: Banana Chocolate Walnut


RXBAR protein bars are a definition of a wholesome snack. You can consume as many as you can’t without feeling guilty. Each bar has a balanced amount of ingredients to meet all your energy requirements.


  • Best snack for a pre and post-workout session
  • No added sugar
  • Simple ingredients


  • Not suitable for people with an egg allergy
Value for money

The details

RXBAR is a well-known manufacturer of tasty and healthy protein bars. RXBAR protein bars have a great mix of simple yet effective ingredients. These bars are great to take along to your office or school. 


Each bar consists of 12 grams of protein. Protein is great for quick and long-lasting energy on an active day. This single bar is a wholesome treat as it not only tastes good but is also very effective to delay hunger during a workout session.


 RXBAR Protein bar has very few and simple ingredients. With 12 grams of proteins, a bar consists of dates, eggs, cashews, and walnuts. This bar has no added sugar, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. It is a gluten-free and a guilt-free bar. If you are allergic to eggs or peanuts, better avoid it. 


This bar is an actual food with a natural texture and taste. Rich with all special nuts and dates, each bar tastes exclusive. The bars do get a bit sticky but they aren’t hard at all. Since all ingredients are natural, you will always feel good after eating one.

Value for money

The price of an RXBAR protein bar is worth the product if offered. You can’t get a healthier snack option at such a good price anywhere in the market.

Final verdict

If you want to consume healthy dates, milk, and nuts, all in one bar, we can’t recommend the RXBAR protein bars enough. They are the best combination of good taste and healthy ingredients. We call them guilt-free because they have no artificial contents and no unnecessary ingredients in their composition.

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