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TCP Global Store Face Shield Review: Best with Glasses Frame

OwlRatings suggest this face shield because it suits all types of faces easily. It can easily be put on by people who wear glasses because it has acrylic frames that allow the glasses to be fixed inside. It is very comfortable, lightweight, and protects the face well.

Salon World Safety Face Shield

Salon World Safety Face Shield

You can easily differentiate this product because of the acrylic glass frames. One can wear their glasses normally and feel the difference.

  • Brand: TCP Global
  • Product Number: B08DL29QNH
  • Material: Plastic


An overall product that is ideal in most locations and workplace environments.


  • Lightweight
  • Sheerness
  • Roomy


  • Gap in the protection cover
Value for money

The details

Salon World Safety, a TCP Global Corporation, manufactures this product. The company has been operational for 45 years and has since earned quite a name for itself. These sanitary, durable, comfortable face shields are a must if your main priority is ample breathing space.


The design philosophy has emphasized the use of materials that promote reusability and sturdiness. It uses durable and sanitary thick PET material. The material not only provides for a sturdy frame for all environments but is also reusable after proper disinfecting.


Another great thing about this shield is the wrap-around design. The wrap-around design ensures full frontal protection of the eyes, nose, and mouth from saliva, germs, virus, etc. The only problem is that there is a gap between the forehead and the shield. This might be a problem when it comes to using the face shield in the pandemic. 


Each face shield inhabits an acrylic glass frame. This helps when one wears their actual glasses. It leads to a comfortable experience. When you are working for long hours and need protection and comfort, well, then this is it! This custom-built face shield adopts a one size fits all approach.


Given the presence of glass frames, this face shield has to deliver a lot. And it will do that without causing a crunch in your bank account. Its design is modeled to ensure protection and comfort within a budget, as is evident from the value pack of 10.

Final verdict

To conclude, this wrap-around face shield is a good addition to your safeguards against COVID. However, before making a buying decision, take note of the gap between the shield and one’s forehead.

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