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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best Overall

It features 12mm dynamic AKG-tuned drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, a durable protective case, long battery life, the Samsung Galaxy wearable app, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live bluetooth earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live bluetooth earbuds

If you are looking for secure and durable earbuds that will sit nicely in your ear even if you run or jog, then these are the ones.

  • Brand: Samsung Electronics
  • Model: SM-R180NZKAXAR
  • Battery life: 29 hours


It is a worthwhile investment if you are looking for comfortable wearing, durable, and elegant headphones which have an impressive battery and charging time.


  • Possesses Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charges wirelessly (USB-C)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Does not have ear tips
  • Mediocre noise cancellation
Sound quality
Battery life
Value for money

The details

The 12mm AKG-tuned speaker gives you the best audio experience possible. The enhanced bass tone and the open design ensure that you get a studio-quality sound experience no matter where you are. Present in four elegant colors (Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Red, and Mystic White), the earbuds are ideal for adults who love low-profile earbuds as well as teenagers who are all about vibrancy and bling.

Sound quality

The dynamic drivers produce consumer-friendly audio that works ideally with popular music genres like rock, pop, and hip-hop. Although these cannot be classified as audiophile products, they are still better than many wireless models. Also, if you do not like the sound quality, then just open the mobile app on your phone and play around with the settings until you get the perfect bass, treble, and mids. The noise-cancellation is just average. Due to the absence of ear tips, you might be able to hear a few ambient noises.

Battery life

The earbuds last for almost 5-6 hours on a single charge when noise canceling is enabled. Furthermore, if you listen to lower volumes, then you might even get more than 6 hours of playtime! Without the ANC, we noticed that the earbuds worked effortlessly for 8 whole hours! Lastly, the charging time is just as impressive; it needs only five minutes of charge time for one hour of use.


The bean-shaped earbuds are encased in a plastic charging case. The case has a fine sheen and the semi-matte finish makes the unit look expensive. It only has two LEDs which lets you know the case as well as the earbud’s battery level. It opens with ease and the earbuds are kept in place with magnets so that they remain safely and securely in their place with no danger of accidental drops. When it comes to fit, the earbuds do not adorn ear tips. Although this does not affect the way the small pieces fit in your ear –they remain firmly and tightly in your ear canal whether you are running or jumping up and down. However, the one-size-fits-all earbuds can make your outer ear sore if you wear them for more than two hours.


The unit possesses Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and supports ACC which is good news for all iPhone users. Samsung’s scalable Codec is also supported and it operates on a scale from 96-152 kbps. It levels the sound quality and stabilizes the connection. Although Samsung users might experience a few hiccups along the way but only if the distance between their phone and earbuds is more than five meters.

Final verdict

The earbuds are a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a classy set that they can use for casual listening. The design, though unconventional, fits firmly in your ear and provides a nice audio soundstage. The Bluetooth, robust drivers, and the online application further make the unit a promising option.

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