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Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Perfume Review: Best for Casual Wear

Orchid stands out as the more prominent note in this perfume so it’s more of a modern and sophisticated choice. It lasts for such a long time that you may feel it on your clothes even after days.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume

If you like a fresh-smelling scent that is heavy on floral, then this product is definitely for you. It delivers an exuberant orchid note which is bright, light, and pleasant

  • Brand: Sarah Jessica
  • Model: 139687
  • Item form: Spray


Appropriate for all genders, the perfume is an aromatic mixture that has soft citruses, lavender, and rosewood notes that are not sharp at all.


  • Intimate fragrance
  • It is not overwhelming
  • Anytime wear


  • Can be too musky for some people
Longevity of smell
Bottle design
Value for money

The details

Lovely is the first-ever fragrance that the actress Sarah Jessica Parker crafted. It is a collection of oils, lavender, different vibrant flowers, and amber that makes it a classic and elegant fragrance that can be used at any time of the day.


The top notes include lavender, bergamot, martini, palisander rosewood, and mandarin orange. The Patchouli, Narcissus, and orchid flowers make up the middle notes. To give the woody smell, white amber, cedar, musk, and woodsy notes are used as the base. Although, some people do not like the base notes (wood and cedar).

Longevity of smell

Though the smell does wear off after a few hours, it is much better than most perfumes. There might be a faded lingering smell on your clothes even after days of using the perfume.

Bottle design

It is a tear-drop-shaped glass bottom with a spraying automizer on the top. The liquid inside is almost transparent and looks very unique and elegant. It is only available in two bottle sizes; 1.7 and 3.4 fl oz.


The fragrance has very prominent flowery and woody smells which can throw off a few people at first. However, the overwhelming smell dies off within five minutes and you are left with a citrusy, floral, and musky smell that is pleasant to the nose.

Final verdict

The fragrance can be worn any time of the year however, it is best suited for autumns due to its base notes. The scent is soft, powdery, and very feminine that can be used for casual wear.

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