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Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Boosting Supplement Review: Best Over-the-Counter

It carries ingredients like carotenoids, Omega-3 fish oil, and essential vitamins. All this makes it a more natural answer to all your focus problems. Besides, with daily usage, you can see a significant improvement in your learning and memory.

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Supplement

Schiff Vitamins Neuriva Brain Supplement

This brain supplement is best at providing support to all five indicators of a brain’s health. This supplement sources better memory, concentration, focus, clarity, and learning.

  • Brand: NEURIVA
  • Product Number: I00111914
  • Item Form: Capsules


Neuriva is a clinically-proven supplement that supports your brain’s five major indicators, memory, focus, learning, clarity, and concentration. This supplement has very powerful ingredients that support its performance.


  • Caffeine and GMO-free
  • Vegan
  • Has all-natural ingredients


  • Contains Soy
Value for money

The details

Neuriva is a brain supplement made with two major natural ingredients. This brain supplement is a product of Schiff Vitamins. This brand manufactures brain and body supplements. According to this brand, all ingredients present in this brain supplement are clinically proven, GMO-free and decaffeinated.


According to Schiff Vitamins, Neuriva is capable of providing heightened concentration, improved memory, better focus, quick learning, and enhanced accuracy. Neuriva has a perfect blend of some very strong ingredients that help it to achieve these goals.


Neuriva has only two main ingredients and with very few ingredients, it is easy to identify the benefits. The two main ingredients are Phosphatidylserine and Coffee Cherry. Phosphatidylserine is a naturally present element in your brain. The levels of this ingredient decline as you age. This results in memory loss and poor focus. For your brain to operate smoothly, it requires a certain level of Phosphatidylserine. Neuriva has an adequate level of FDA-backed Phosphatidylserine to prevent memory loss.

Coffee Cherry extract is another major ingredient found in this brain supplement. Coffee Cherry helps with the release of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. BDNF supports the growth, maturation, and multiplication of brain cells. High BDNF levels are good for your brain’s cognitive abilities and cell generation. These two ingredients in Neuriva make a great team to improve your brain’s functionality.

Other than these two, Neuriva also has rice bran, silicon dioxide, and cellulose. Neuriva is free of all kinds of preservatives and artificial dyes, colors, or flavors.  It does contain soy which is an allergen.


All the ingredients are clinically proven and third-party tested. Moreover, this supplement is made in a GMO and FDA certified facility.

Value for money

Neuriva is an inexpensive brain supplement when it comes to its performance and the rich ingredients it offers. However, there are many other more cheap supplements available in the market with the same benefits to offer.

Final verdict

Neuriva is an effective brain supplement that supports all the major functions of your brain. If you are on a hunt for a supplement for your brain’s better health, do try Neuriva for once. According to its manufacturers, it has no side-effects and is safe for all adults.

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