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SENNHEISER Momentum 2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best Noise Cancellation

Featuring 7mm dynamic drivers, ANC technology, Bluetooth 5.1, AAC, SBC, aptX, and waterproofing, the earbuds are a perfect option for music lovers.

SENNHEISER Momentum 2 bluetooth earbuds

SENNHEISER Momentum 2 bluetooth earbuds

With dynamic drivers, the latest Bluetooth technology, and spectacular ANC features, these earbuds can be used by anyone who wants an immersive and isolated soundstage.

  • Model: M3IETW2
  • Battery life: 28 hours with charging case


It possesses many superb features which makes it one of the best earbuds to have if high-resolution audio quality is at the top of your priority list.


  • Optimal sound quality
  • IPX4 waterproof rated
  • Offers virtual assistance and elegant design


  • Not suitable for people that have small ears
Sound quality
Battery life
Value for money

The details

Available in two basic colors; black and white, the true wireless earbuds use 7mm dynamic drivers to produce high-end stereo sound. It is accented with sleek metal plates on the back with a shiny brand logo that covers the controls and has a clean matte finish which makes the earbuds look sophisticated, elegant, and something you surely want in your hands. With a cloth-covered case, the unit remains well protected in your purse or a pocket.

Sound Quality: The 7mm drivers create an extraordinary soundstage that offers detailed treble, deep bass, and natural, clear mids. We were amazed by the smoothness of the vocals and the textured highs. Truly, you will get an immersive soundstage that offers crystal clear details. So, if you are an audiophile who likes high-quality stereo sound with suitable noise-cancellation levels, then these headphones are perfect for you!

Battery life

With the ANC mode on, you can get 4 hours of playtime before it runs out of battery. Though, we would have liked it if it averaged around 5-6 hours of playtime. However, if you turn the ANC off and listen to the music on low volume, you might get 6 hours or more battery life. The charging case provides 21 hours of playtime.


The rounded earphones might fit comfortably in your ears. It also comes with three extra ear tips so most people do find a firm and secure fit. However, if you have smaller ears, then the circular housing might be a little uncomfortable for long listening sessions. You can easily control the playback, phone calls, and voice assistant by using either one of the earbuds. If you do not want to use the earbuds, then use the mobile application and customize the inputs according to your preferences.


One of the things that we all liked about this particular unit is that it had the spectacular Bluetooth 5.1. Furthermore, it can use AAC, SBC, and aptX to connect to the source. If you are an Android user, we recommend that you use aptX. Although, if you are using Netflix or YouTube, try AAC which provides perfect latency for video. On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, you can only use AAC which is honestly, not a problem at all. It provides extraordinary performance as well.

Final verdict

The sound quality, battery life, and comfort level are all up to par. Each factor has been well thought of and the brand has ensured that you get the ideal audio experience. Though there are a few flaws, they can easily be ignored if sonic authority, customized controls, lightweight design, and of course, outstanding sound quality is at the top of your priority list.

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