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Sephia SP3060 Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review: Best Wired

The earbuds provide an immersive and isolated sound stage, sturdy construction, and long shelf life and are the best-wired earbuds you can find.

Sephia SP3060 noise cancelling earbuds

Sephia SP3060 noise cancelling earbuds

If you are looking for sleek earbuds that come with a durable Y-shaped cable and standard audio jack that offer exceptional audio quality then these are the ones.

  • Brand: Sephia
  • Product number: SP3060
  • Connectivity technology: Wired


If wireless earbuds are not your thing, then these will definitely make you happy. They provide an exceptional audio quality that is acceptable by most people, good noise cancellation properties, and a durable design. However, some people did complain that the noise cancellation wasn’t as good as they expected so in this case, you can throw out the default ear tips and use the foam ones instead. This will greatly improve noise isolation.


  • Sturdy and anti-tangible Y-shaped cable
  • 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • Lively audio quality
  • Offers considerable noise cancellation
  • Comes with 7 pairs of replacement tips


  • Only available in one color
Noise cancelling
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

The wired earbuds constitute 10mm Neodymium magnets, Y-shape 3.8 feet long wire, standard headphone jack, and a frequency response of 20-20,000 hertz. It has a lightweight design which makes them easy to wear for long hours. The silver and black color of the earbuds make them look aesthetically pleasing which you can wear with almost any type of clothes. Whether you have a Samsung, iPhone, PC, or other smart device, it works flawlessly with all.

Noise cancelling

The noise isolation does get a thumbs up. It is not the best but it does clear out most of the noises. However, if you need complete isolation, many people suggested that the foam ear tips do the job perfectly. Moreover, we noticed no audible leakage so you can use these in quiet spaces like libraries or offices.

Sound quality

The SP3060 sounds pretty impressive given its low price point. There are not any noticeable errors in the audio quality so these would be ideal for most people. Although, audiophiles might not like these earbuds much because there is a slight lack in the crispness and clarity of the audio. The perceived audio stage feels narrow but we think this might be because of the enhanced bass. The bass in question is strong which is ideal for upbeat music. Audiobooks and calls also sound great on this thing.


The earbuds fit nicely in the ear. The default tips provide a comfortable seal that keeps the unit in your ear while you run or walk. However, if the tips do not make you feel comfortable, you can change them with the five pairs of silicone replacement tips or the 2 pairs of foam replacement tips, which is pretty convenient and makes the earbuds ideal for people of all ages.


We liked the wire of these earbuds. One of the reasons most people run away from wired earbuds or headphones is because of how easily the wire breaks or snaps. Fortunately, that is not the case here. The Y-shaped cable is one of the sturdiest we have seen in a while. It is anti-tangle, thick, and has a sleek layer of insulation that keeps all microphonics away while you are listening to music.

Final verdict

This is one of the best-wired earbuds that you can buy with a low=price point. It is affordable, sturdy, and does the job, which is to provide satisfactory sound quality and noise cancellation, pretty well. The audio quality is pretty good with balanced playback. Nevertheless, we feel that these might not completely impress an audiophile. Apart from this small flaw, there is not anything to dislike about this particular earbud. It is worth a buy!

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