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Serta Office Chair Review: Best with Lumbar Support

It is the best ergonomic office chair for you if you suffer from chronic back pain. It works by pushing your pelvis in the forward direction, thus helping you maintain a more neutral posture. The leather coating gives you vibes of high-quality leather without having you go beyond your means.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Reducing lower back pain and can be customized to the size of your body.

  • Brand: Serta
  • Dimensions : 30 x 27 x 40.75 inches
  • Item Weight: 52 Pounds


Its Back in Motion Seat Technology reduces lower back pain by providing similar effects as a pelvic tilt exercise.


  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • padded armrests
  • customizable


  • Its Back-in-Motion pivot design is uncomfortable in some sitting positions
Value for money

The details

If you’ve been leaving your office desk at the end of the day with back pain, it may be time to look for a more comfortable office chair. The Serta 44186A Ergonomic Executive Office Chair is an excellent buy as it is primarily designed to improve lumbar support using a unique Back in Motion Seat technology. The feature swivels your lumbar forward promoting correct spinal movement and enhancing flexibility in your core.


It goes without saying that one of the key highlights of this office chair is its lumbar support. Instead of the flat back used on regular office chairs, it’s fitted with a gaping hole where the backrests reduce discomfort.


This office chair is equipped with deep ergo-layered pillows that support all your curves. It also sports a built-in lumbar support to reduce slouching. The padded armrests keep your arms comfortable when resting while the built-in head support improves posture.


Its height adjustable, allowing above-average height to accommodate tall people. You can also adjust the armrest to different heights to keep your shoulders relaxed. This adjustment also helps to minimize neck and shoulder pain.


This office chair provides great value for the money. Its ergonomic features enhance back support and improve posture. Also, it makes an excellent alternative to more expensive offerings with near-similar features.

Final verdict

If you spend lots of time sitting or experience lower back pain, consider investing in this office chair. It provides firm, upright support between the tailbone and the natural waist; thus, alleviating back pain. Furthermore, the padded lumbar support moves when you lean forward and backwards promoting good posture.

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