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Shark S2 Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review: Most Versatile

Have you been searching for a vacuum cleaner that’s versatile? If you have, the Shark NV356E is your best bet.

Shark S2 Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Shark S2 Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV356E rivals other vacuum cleaners when it comes to versatility. It includes a pet power brush, designed specifically for cleaning pet hair. It also comes with a crevice tool, helping you access tight spots. And, you can detach the canister, making it easy to vacuum stairs and underneath furniture.

  • Brand: Shark
  • Product number: NV356E S2
  • Form factor: Upright


This vacuum cleaner delivers an impressive cleaning performance thanks to the multiple attachments, which include a dusting brush, crevice tool and pet power brush. In addition, it’s very easy to set up and doesn’t require frequent emptying. However, the large capacity dust cup makes it heavier than other vacuum cleaners.


  • Exceptional cleaning performance
  • Simple assembly
  • High capacity dustbin
  • Powerful suction


  • Heavy
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s designed with versatility in mind, Shark NV356E S2 is what you need.

This is the type of gadget that can handle anything you throw at it. Want to vacuum a flight of stairs? Its Lift-Away mechanism makes it easy to do so.

Want to clear dust from tight corners and hard-to-reach spots like window sills? Its crevice tool can make quick work of this. Here’s everything you need to know about this vacuum cleaner.


Whenever you’re shopping for a vacuum cleaner, one factor you should check entails its size and weight.

In that regard, the corded Shark NV356E S2 is slightly bigger than Dyson V11, as it measures 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches. More importantly, it tips the scales at 13.7 pounds, which makes it relatively heavy.


The added weight of this vacuum cleaner comes from the dust cup, which offers a generous capacity of up to 2.2 quarts. This is almost twice the capacity you get from other Lift-Away models. It allows you to vacuum large spaces without having to empty it too frequently.

The completely sealed HEPA filtration system is another feature that gives Shark S2 a competitive edge. It allows the vacuum to trap 99.97% of particles.

Another feature I liked entails the detachable canister. With a single press of a button, you can detach the canister, resulting in a more compact machine that’s capable of cleaning tight spots.

Speaking of cleaning, the Shark S2 comes equipped with a nice selection of accessories. There’s a crevice tool that’s great at accessing those hard-to-reach areas; a pet power brush or tackling pet hair. There’s also a dusting brush that’s suitable for cleaning delicate items like lampshades.

Plus, you’ll have the freedom to attach these accessories either to the handle or an extension wand if you need more reach.

Ease of use

One thing we noticed right off the bat is that it was very easy to assemble.

Once you take it out of the box, it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to assemble. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow. The manual even has diagrams, making it easy to identify the individual components.

Furthermore, using the Shark S2 vacuum cleaner is a piece of cake thanks to the array of settings that it comes with.

You’ll see two individual settings on the unit: position I which is customized for bare floors; and position II designed for cleaning carpets and rugs.

Once you configure it to run in the second setting, a rotating motorized floor brush kicks into action; helping to agitate any stubborn dirt, debris and pet dander.

A green light will illuminate to alert you that the brush is at work. If the vacuum encounters blockage or jams up, this light turns red to alert you that something is amiss.


Shark S2’s mid-tier pricing makes it one of the more affordable models on the market. It may not be the cheapest but it’s also not so expensive that most homeowners can’t afford it.

For the price, you get a generous dust cup capacity of 2.2 quarts, a Lift Away mechanism that lets you clean stairs with ease and an array of attachments.

Final verdict

If you’ve been searching for a vacuum that can tackle anything you throw at it, the Shark NV356E S2 is the ultimate pick. It comes with multiple accessories that increase its range of use. And it’s fairly-priced, so you won’t end up spending a fortune.

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