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Sientra bioCorneum Advanced Scar Treatment Review: Best for Tummy Tuck

This item comes in a box and is the only FDA-approved silicone scar removal product with SPF to protect your scar tissue from redness and discoloration caused by exposure to the sun.

Sientra bioCorneum Advanced Scar Treatment

Sientra bioCorneum Advanced Scar Treatment

A highly recommended product among professionals, the bioCorneum cream contains topical silicone gel to minimize and remove the appearance of scars, particularly for those who underwent a tummy tuck surgery.

  • Brand: BioCorneum
  • Product Number: SG_B00AV14GTE_US
  • Release date: December 31, 2012


Plastic surgeons and other medical professionals highly recommend this product to help minimize and heal scars, especially after surgery.


  • Contains SPF for UV protection
  • Relieves itchiness and discomfort caused by the scar
  • It does not wash off easily
  • FDA approved


  • For long term use
Value for money

The details

bioCorneum by Sientra is the only and first FDA-approved topical silicone gel with SPF. Whether you have new or existing scars, this product will help soften, minimize, and remove them. Not only that, but it also lessens discoloration caused by your scars. Moreover, it relieves associated discomfort and itch.

If you have gone through surgery, bioCorneum guarantees to prevent and lessen the development of keloids or hypertrophic scars.


This product is the first advanced scar removal gel with FDA-approved patented silicone with SPF 30. By using this product, you will prevent the development of keloids and hypertrophic scars. Also, your existing scars will reduce in appearance.

Moreover, suppose you are worried about getting skin discoloration from exposure to the sun. In that case, this product will help prevent that from happening because it has extra protection from UV rays.

Ingredient quality

The bioCorneum scar gel has Silishield Technology which advances the benefits you can get from conventional silicone sheeting. The silicone will create an invisible cover, which will feel like a part of your skin while reducing the visibility of your scars.

Moreover, it has anti-ultraviolet properties to protect your skin from discoloration and redness. Most importantly, it is FDA-cleared.


As mentioned repeatedly, the bioCorneum Advanced Scar Treatment gel is FDA-approved, which means its benefits outweigh its risks. The product is ideal for the hands, chest, neck, and face. Also, it can work with makeup or cosmetics on it when dry. Moreover, not only is it suitable for adults but also children over six months old.

Value for money

The product is worth every penny you pay. It is convenient to use and effective for healing unwanted scars.

Its silicone gel is smooth and silky. Moreover, it quickly dries after application, forming a flexible and breathable shield. Additionally, it will not peel easily, even with much movement.

If you are the active type, this gel is ideal for parts of your skin that need to bend always. It can adhere to your skin for up to 24 hours. Also, you can combine it safely with other treatments depending on what your doctor recommends.

Final verdict

Why choose bioCorneum? Well, medical professionals highly recommend this product. It has also been clinically tested.

Scars are unwanted reminders of your past injuries or surgeries. If you have a scar that affects your function, you know that it is not all about cosmetics. Scars can reduce the flexibility of your skin and its ability to feel. If you want to get rid of those scars without having to spend a considerable amount of money, then this product is for you. The results may not be instantaneous, but there will be visible results in the long run.

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