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SKEY Electric Razor for Men Review: Best Bald Head Shaving

It is a cordless rotary razor so you don’t have to stick to the wall socket while shaving. It depicts a waterproof body, that’s why you need not fear those water splashes anymore. The USB rechargeable motor lets you use it anywhere without relying on any specific power source.

SKEY Electric Razor for Men

SKEY Electric Razor for Men

The product is best for shaving head and facial hair with 4D flex blades.

  • Brand: SKEY
  • Product Number: B08F4XTLW6
  • Material: Bald Head


This shaver is quite a package as it has five attachments that help shave the head, shave the face, trim, trim nose hair, cleanse, and massage the face.


  • Various attachments
  • LED screen
  • USB charging


  • Cleaning takes time

The details

This shaver no doubt looks quite fancy, as it has four rounded blades with one central blade. These blades are sharp and easily cut the hair and beard. The most fun thing is that it comes with nose hair trimming and face cleaning/massaging attachments.

Build and design

The shaver’s design is stylish and quite effective for those who want to shave their head. It comes with a variety of attachments as well.

Trimming and shaving

There are five rounded blades on a 4D floating head, which helps to trim, shaving, and shaping their beard and hair.


The shaver comes with IPX6 waterproofing, which means you can do both wet and dry shaving. Also, you can easily clean the shaver underwater.


The shaver is USB chargeable, which gives 90 minutes shaving time in 2 hours charging. There is a LED display to show charge level and shaving time as well.

Final verdict

The shaver’s 4D floating heads make it quite useful in shaving and trimming without cuts and scratches. There are several attachments as well to give a complete grooming experience. The shaver is effective in all lengths of hair and is great for shaping and edging.

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