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Skinuva Next Generation Scar Cream Review: Best After Blepharoplasty

This scar cream uses selective growth factors to improve scar appearance after blepharoplasty.

Skinuva Next Generation Scar Cream

Skinuva Next Generation Scar Cream

This cream’s excellent healing properties allow you to remove scars after undergoing blepharoplasty. It’s also effective in promoting collagen production as well as reducing hyperpigmentation.

  • Brand: Skinuva
  • Product Number: 669203320676
  • Usage: Twice a day


This cream is the best scar diminishing cream that has a safe formulation to help improve the appearance of scars.


  • Highly effective for reducing scars
  • Effective and safe ingredients
  • Works extremely fast
  • Great value for money


  • Can be expensive for some
Value for money

The details

The Next Generation Scar Cream is an effectual scar cream that utilizes highly selective growth factors in a silicon cream matrix. This formulation is considered more effective at enhancing the appearance of scars than silicone creams. It has been shown to offer better results by up to 70% when compared to silicone creams.

  • Effectiveness

The Next Generation Scar Cream is an advanced formulation that is capable of improving the appearance of large scars, burns, keloids, surgical scars, and redness. It is also designed to reduce the thickening of skin and hyperpigmentation and promotes collagen production for quick scarless wound healing.

The cream is clinically tested and uses selective Growth Factors and healing ingredients. This gives it about 2 times better performance than silicone cream.

  • Ingredient quality

Skinuva Scar Cream is made from high-quality ingredients that have unbelievable healing properties. The product is formulated with growth factors and other healing ingredients like silicone for treating scars, aloe vera for hydrating the skin, hyaluronic acid for promoting hydration, and centella-asiatica for its wound-healing properties.

The cream also contains vitamin C, which acts as a protective antioxidant, promotes collagen production, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Overall, we believe that its ingredients are optimized for advanced scar therapy.

  • Safety

If you are worried about the safety of scar creams, you will be pleased to know that this product is safe for long-term use. It is developed and clinically tested by physicians and the technology used is backed by scientific data.

  • Value for money

With its amazing scar healing properties and effectiveness, there is no denying that the Skinuva Next Generation Scare Cream offers great value for money. To get the best value for money, make sure that you select the right size depending on your needs.

If you have larger scars that are greater than 6 inches, the 50ml Skinuva cream would be most ideal for you. This cream works best for larger scars like brachioplasty scars, body lift scars, breast reduction or breast lift scars, and abdominoplasty.

The 30ml Skinuva scar cream is best suited for anyone with scars that are less than 6” in size. This includes smaller scars like facial scars.

Final verdict

If you are someone who wants to treat scars after blepharoplasty, then we would highly recommend the Skinuva Next Generation Scar Cream. This physician designed product will improve the appearance of your scars in no time thanks to the growth factors and healing ingredients.

For best results, apply the cream twice for at least 3 months for new scars and up to 6 months for older scars. We also recommend getting the right cream size for your needs since the Skinuva scar cream is available in two sizes.

You should only buy the 50ml cream if you have larger scars and the 30ml cream if you have smaller creams.

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