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Slopehill Light Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best Battery

OwlRatings picked this collar as it possesses five training modes that make it easier for you to train your pet. It has a rechargeable remote and receiver with a strong battery that would last for a long time. The wireless aspect can work up to 850 yards accompanied by 3 maximum control channels.

Slopehill Light Training Modes

Slopehill Light Training Modes

Nobody wants a dog shock collar that always needs juicing up. Slopehill’s receiver is equipped with a high-quality battery that lasts more than 15 days. Also, the remote supports up to 45 days of standby time.

  • Brand: Slopehill
  • Product Number: 880
  • Material: Nylon
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Slopehill Light Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best Battery - by , July 17, 2021
3.9/ 5stars


The dog collar is a good buy if looking for one with long-lasting battery life. Apart from the regular shock, vibration, and beep stimulation modes, Slopehill equips it with LED lighting that makes it easy to find your dog.


  • Long wireless range
  • Can train two dogs
  • Can fit large dogs


  • Lacks safety feature
3.9/5 1
Wireless range
Value for money

The details

If you’ve used training collars before, you’ll appreciate the versatility this product provides. It has four adjustable training modes, has an IP68 waterproof rating, and a pretty long wireless range. In addition, the collar strap can fit large-sized dogs (140 lbs).


The four training modes provide great versatility if performing progressive reinforcement training. You can use greater shock, vibration, and beep levels and reduce them as the dog develops the desired traits. Moreover, your dog can swim in the lake, ocean, and other water body while wearing the collar.


The dog training collar has four adjustable training modes with relatively vast adjustable levels. The shock and vibration modes have 0-99 levels allowing you to tailor the stimulation levels to the dog’s behavior. This means you can use the vibration setting to draw your pet’s attention before using the shock training mode.

Wireless range

The device supports wireless control for up to 850 yards, which is pretty convenient if training your dog in the park, backyard, or other open space.

Value for money

This dog training collar may come off a bit expensive, but its long battery life, long wireless range, and four training modes provide great value for your monies. Also, its sturdy construction means you’ll not be buying another dog shock collar soon.

Final verdict

This is a great buy for dogs of all sizes. It’s easy to use, has adjustable training modes, and long battery life. According to many customer reviews, the collar is quite effective even at the lowest shock or vibrations setting.

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