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SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit Review: Best Premium

An all-in-one solution for a brighter, whiter smile, this LED teeth whitening kit features a fast-working, safe-for-sensitive-teeth formula that will restore your smile’s natural brightness with its 9-minute daily treatment.

SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit

SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a deluxe product that delivers noticeably whiter teeth without using any harsh chemicals and is deemed safe for sensitive teeth. It is available in both wired and wireless LED mouthpiece varieties to give you the choice of what suits you best.

  • Brand: SNOW
  • Asin: B07GZ75Y3F
  • Item form: Gel


Expertly crafted for instant results, the SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light is a premium teeth whitening system. It produces results similar to what you’d get at the dentist but along with the upscale performance it also boasts an upscale price tag.


  • Suitable for ages 9 and above
  • Provides fast results
  • Offers a luxurious free traveling bag
  • Suitable for use alongside braces, crown, veneers, and more


  • Pricey compared to other teeth whitening products
  • Demands long-term persistence for lasting results
Value for money

The details

A best-selling product, the SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit enjoys an edge over the competition with its wired and wireless technology letting users customize their experience as they please. With its convenient 9-minute daily treatment, the USB-powered mouthpiece helps the gel complete its work faster and more effectively by working directly on stubborn stains.


The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is effective on all kinds of teeth. The extra strength whitening wand helps control tooth sensitivity and gives relief from any pain that might occur in sensitive teeth.

Unlike many other similar products, this one has a gum-friendly formula that won’t burn or irritate gums even if you get some gel on them. However, it is still recommended to not apply it to your gums.

You get the complete package with 3 wands of the proprietary whitening serum, 1 wand of the double strength whitening serum, and an LED accelerated whitening mouthpiece. There is also a 3D shade chart included to let you gauge your progress.


The all-in-one kit includes all the equipment you need for your daily 9-minute-long sessions. You just need to apply the gel, keep the mouthpiece in your mouth and wait.

The LED mouthpiece has premium fetures like being waterproof, can self-sanitize while charging, and has a therapy mode that assists in reducing bacteria and keeping gums healthy.

The wireless option also allows for hands-free operation that does tap into the price tag but makes the convenience worth considering.


Not only is this teeth whitening system safe on sensitive teeth, but it can also be used with braces, caps, crowns, bridges, or veneers. The mouthpiece can be adjusted the way you want it to be, and the guaranteed results are valid with a 5-year long warranty.

Value for money

The kit provides a whopping 75 sessions per pack which is way more than any other option on the market. For stubborn stains that need more whitening work than others, this is a great option to keep going until you get the results you want.

While it may not offer the fastest results, it does yield guaranteed and safe results to make it worth its price tag.

If you’re not satisfied with what you get, the brand does offer a full investment return.

Final verdict

Delivering what it promises, this is a top-of-the-line product in the market. It is advertised to deliver the safest, most efficient, and guaranteed results and it checks all the boxes nicely.

Users with sensitive teeth or others looking for a chemical-free teeth whitening product will find this to be a good match for their requirements. Others who want something on a budget or aren’t committed to long term use of whitening products may not find this to be the right solution, for it is both pricey and warrants long term use for lasting results.

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