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Sofa Sack Plush Bean Bag Chair Review: Best Softness

The Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Bean Bag is made with a microsuede cover and is made of 100% polyester material. This bean bag is bean less and is instead filled with soft memory foam for increased comfort.

Sofa Sack Plush Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack Plush Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Bean Bag is best due to its snug size and soft-filled memory foam. These features make the product very comfortable and restful. They are lighter than home recliners and accessibility is great too which makes them a great home furniture item.

  • Brand: Sofa Sack
  • Model: AMZBB-5SK-CS04
  • Item weight: 45.1 pounds


Plush Ultra Bean Bag is a super cozy 5 feet bean bag made of microfiber and filled with memory foam. The large size of the bean bag enhances comfort and makes the bean bag restful. It is made of good quality material which increases the durability of the chair.


  • Soft covers
  • Microfiber fabric
  • Versatility and memory foam


  • Heavyweight
  • Takes a full 24 days to expand properly
Easy to assemble
Value for money

The details

We all have been at the state when we want a comfortable and cozy home recliner or chair but the high prices and heavy sizes make us doubt our decision. For this reason, Sofa Sack has come up with this Plush Ultra Bean Bag which is a great substitute for a big home recliner. It is lighter and much easier on the pocket too.


Sofa Sack’s Plush Ultra bean bag delivers excellent coziness and comfort which directly makes the value of this bean bag quite high. The value delivered is great in terms of comfort and high quality however the size and weight might have to be considered critically before making the buying decision.

Ease to assemble

This bean bag is a bit time consuming to set up as it takes a full day to expand properly. Moreover, it has heavy weight which also makes its shipping expensive.


Plush Ultra Bean Bag is made with high-quality polyester fabric. The seams of the layers are double stitched which improves the durability of the material. The microfiber polyester of the finest quality is used along with the furniture-grade memory foam filling that is long-lasting and ensures comfort.


This Bean Bag is 60 inches in length, 60 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. It weighs around 48-50 pounds. It is a round-shaped bean bag chair made of 100% polyester material. The snug size and soft-filled memory foam make the bean bag very comfortable.

Final verdict

You should get this bean bag if quality is a top most priority for you and you need a super comfortable bean bag. But if you want a bean bag that is light weight and easy to assemble, then this not for you. We give Plush Ultra Bean Bag of Soft Sack our approval because it’s not every day that you find a bean bag that is not only very comfortable but is made of high-quality material and filling.

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