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Sony MDR-ZX110 Headphone Review: Best Affordable

Paired with wide frequency response, durable cables, comfortable design, and active noise cancellation, the headphones are one of the best affordable headphones that you can find in the market.

Sony MDR-ZX110 headphone

Sony MDR-ZX110 headphone

These headphones are some of the best low-price headphones that you can find in the market. Furthermore, they have one of the best bass-boosted audio responses we have ever seen in lineups of other headphones.

  • Brand: Sony
  • Product number: MDRZX110/BLK
  • Connectivity technology: Wired


These headphones are best for anyone who prefers heavy bass or listens to bass-boosted songs. It offers dark treble and a lively yet vibrant thump of the bass. The noise cancellation properties are decent as well. Lastly, it does not leak sound as well which means you can use it in a library or office.


  • Impressive active noise cancelling
  • Cables do not get tangled easily
  • Wide frequency response
  • Bass-boosted audio quality


  • Lacks padding on the headband
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

Available in three different colors, the Sony MDR-ZX110 is a wired on-the-ears headphone that offers a phenomenal sound stage. It possesses neodymium drivers that are responsible for giving you an audio experience that is punchy, vibrant, and makes you forget about the outer world. Whether you are looking for the type of headphones you can take with you while you go about your town or you want one for your PC or for workouts, these are the best for all purposes!

Sound quality

The unit has a wide frequency response that varies from 12 to 22000 kHz. In simple words, you can expect a bass focused playback that will make you move your feet as soon as the music flows into your ears. However, we think these are better suited for individuals who mostly listen to bass focused music. It also has pretty good noise-canceling properties and they retain the silence if you are in the office or library.


The unit has a full plastic built which, honestly, is not really durable. Although, if you handle them with care, we can guarantee that they can last for years! On the other hand, the Flat-Y cables do not tangle easily and they have a rough texture which enhances their durability.


These do provide the comfiest experience ever, especially for people who wear glasses. The earcups are soft and firmly hold their position. They are not tight enough to press the rims of your glasses in your skin so you can probably keep the glasses and the headphones on for as long as you want. Moreover, they weigh only 132g/0.29lbs so they won’t be putting much stress or pressure over your head.


These headphones are the cheapest headphones that you will find in Sony’s lineup as well as among competitors. And just because it is inexpensive does not mean it has below-average performance. Whether you are looking for comfortable earcups or notable audio performance, these headphones get an A-plus in all categories.

Final verdict

This particular gadget is more focused on the bass which might be ideal for some people, while not so much for others. Generally, the headphones do produce an outstanding audio response that is lively, vibrant, and rich. Other than the audio quality, the unit has a pretty stable and comfortable fit over the head although, we wish the headband was padded.

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