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Sony WF-XB700 Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best for Phone Calls

The earbuds certainly have a lot to offer; they provide an immersive soundstage, an 18-hour long playtime, and a punchy and vibrant bass.

Sony WF-XB700 bluetooth earbuds

Sony WF-XB700 bluetooth earbuds

If you usually listen to bass-enhanced music and do not really care about noise cancellation, then you will love these earbuds.

  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: WFXB700/L
  • Battery life: 18 Hours with case


They are music-focused earbuds that are water-resistant, compact, and offer stable connective over a wide range.


  • Best for music
  • Has IPX4 waterproofing rating
  • Energetic sound quality and satisfactory battery time


  • Lack ANC and transparency mode
  • Slightly bulky design
Sound quality
Battery life
Value for money

The details

The truly wireless earbuds have a stellar Bluetooth connectivity range, fast pairing, deep, punchy bass, and dynamic call and sound quality. It has an ergonomic design so that it can conveniently and comfortably fit in most peoples’ ears. The unit is available in two colors; an all-black monotonous design and a vibrant blue and black design.

Sound quality

The very first thing that you will pinpoint when you put on music is the bass. No, it does not feel bloated or confined. It sounds anything but that. The bass is punchy, vibrant and gives the right amount of reverberation. However, the midrange is just average. If you are watching YouTube videos or a movie, you will note that the audio is a lot quieter than it was when you were listening to music. A quick way to fix this issue is through the EQ. Just open the app and customize the EQ settings according to the content you are listening to.

Battery life

The playtime lasts for almost nine hours before it needs a recharge. Furthermore, the charging case also provides an additional nine hours of playtime. So, you will have a total of 18 hours of playtime without needing to plug the case into a power socket. Starting the charging process is pretty simple; just place the buds in their docks and wait for the red LED to appear. You can charge both the case and the buds via a USB-to-USB C cable.


The ear tips fit securely in the ear canal and do not move even if you are runny. The mid and the outer section of the earbuds contain the drivers and the battery. Though the design is a bit ancient, it does help in filling up the ear canals completely so that you get an isolated soundstage. Furthermore, if the default ear tips do not seem to fit properly, then try the various ear tips that it comes with. On the left bud, you will find a volume button whereas on the right one, you will find a play, pause, and skip button. You can also accept calls and activate voice assistance through them however, it is a bit complicated for first-timers.


Though a few people did not like the bulky design, it is quite useful. The unit houses a battery that has slightly better performance than most wireless earbuds. Contrarily, the charging case is made of plastic and it is comparatively slim. The translucent cover lets you inspect the charging status of the buds in the case. Thus, if you are looking for earbuds for lengthy listening sessions then you need to check these out.

Final verdict

These are sweater-proof earbuds that provide powerful and bassy sound quality. So, if you mostly listen to pop, funk, metal, new age, and other modern bass music then these headphones will work ideally for you. Though they are not ideal for watching movies or listening to audiobooks, these issues can easily be resolved by personalizing the EQ.

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