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Sony WHCH710N Noise Cancelling Headphone Review: Best for Sleeping

The headphones have a playtime of almost 35 to 41 hours! It features impressive ANC technology, a padded headset, and excellent reverberation.

Sony WHCH710N noise cancelling headphone

Sony WHCH710N noise cancelling headphone

Best noice-cancelling headphones for using while sleeping

  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: WHCH710N/B
  • Battery life: 35 hours


The headphones have an ergonomic design and are easy to use. Though the sound quality is not mind-blowing, it is still acceptable if you are looking for a unit that you can use for everyday purposes. The battery life is one of the most impressive features of this product; it can play for 31 hours continuously!


  • Decent ANC
  • Comfortable design
  • Quick charging and long playtime


  • The audio performance is mediocre
Noise cancellation
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

The headphones cancel out all of the external noises so that you can relax and enjoy the music. With immersive sound quality and dual noise sensor technology, the unit creates the perfect isolated soundstage.

Noise cancellation

The ear cups adorn isolating padding and combined with the ANC technology, the noise cancellation is pretty good given the price point. The unit significantly reduces ambient sounds around you and makes sure that you can focus on whatever it is that you are listening to.

Sound quality

The sound is more focused on bass as compared to mids and highs so this results in a slightly muddy audio quality. However, the level of bass is enjoyable. The bass boost also complements most of the songs so you do get a satisfactory sound performance. The low-end delivers punchy and warm sound whereas the mid-range causes audios to be a bit uneven. The high-ends are also just average.


The unit has a round design and fits perfectly over the head. The padded ear cups are the ideal size and engulf the ears completely to give you an isolated and immersive soundstage. The padded headband further enhances the comfort. Overall, you can probably wear the headphones for three to four hours without feeling irritated by them.


The battery time is almost 35 hours which is pretty impressive some users were even able to use it beyond this time limit so this one is ideal for anyone who often forgets to charge their gadgets.

Final verdict

The headphones are perfect for anyone who wants a headphone that they can use for days without charging. You can use this unit for days without needing to charge it! Though the sound quality is not as good as expected, it can be used for casual listening.

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