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Sosoon Travel Backpack Review: Best Affordable

This is a high-quality backpack with a variety of advanced features. The anti-theft design definitely stands out.

Sosoon Travel backpack

Sosoon Travel backpack

The anti-theft design, consisting of hidden pockets and hooks is beyond excellent for the backpack’s price.

  • Brand: Sosoon
  • Product number: SN-BP-001
  • Material: Made of water repellent 1680D polyester


This backpack is affordable yet efficient. The compartments are quite spacious. However, we found that the zippers aren’t durable.


  • Multiple spacious compartments
  • Earphone holes
  • Anti-theft design


  • Weak zippers
  • Poor water-resistance
Value for money

The details

It is okay if you do not wish to spend your money on extremely expensive backpacks. There are many good-quality and budget-friendly backpacks that you can use for various purposes.

The Sosoon Laptop Backpack delivers excellent performance with its sturdy built and thoughtful design.


The backpack’s shoulder straps offer massage pads to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, the straps are adjustable to give you the best fit.

The backside of the backpack has a soft, thick, and ventilated padding to provide proper airflow for breathability.


The Sosoon Laptop Backpack is made of water-resistant material to help you protect your electronics and books. It consists of reinforced stitching for added strength and long-lasting durability.

There are slight issues with zippers but they’re quite rare.


The main special feature of this backpack is the anti-theft lock.

There is a hidden hook that you can attach to the zipper of the laptop pocket and the main pocket as well. There is also a hidden pocket at the back to protect your precious items.

Additionally, it comes with a USB port on the side of the backpack for convenient phone charging.

Value for money

The Sosoon Laptop Backpack is worth every penny if you’re looking for an efficient, secure, and cost-effective backpack.

Final verdict

This is an outstanding backpack for its price. Hence, it is suitable for almost everyone.

But if you live in a rainy region, we suggest looking for a backpack with better water resistance.

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