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Soundcore Life A2 NC Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review: Best for Sleeping

The earbuds offer adjustable noise canceling levels, 35 hours of battery, 11mm bio-composite driver, six microphones to accommodate super-clear calls, and much more!

Soundcore Life A2 NC noise cancelling earbuds

Soundcore Life A2 NC noise cancelling earbuds

These are one of the best wireless earbuds to buy if you want to completely shut off the outside world.

  • Brand: Soundcore
  • Product number: A3935011
  • Connectivity technology: Wireless


The earbuds are perfect for sleeping. It offers multi-mode and hybrid active noise canceling so you can have an optimal listening experience everywhere. The audio quality is pretty impressive; you can even change the settings using the official mobile application. We do think that combined with its crystal-clear call quality, 35-hour battery lifetime, and elaborate ANC technology, it is worth buying.


  • Single bud listening
  • IPX5 waterproofing
  • Possess 11mm bio-cellulose drivers
  • Comfortable fit


  • Transparency mode is too quiet
Noise cancelling
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

If you are a light sleeper like some of us, we understand how annoying it is to wake up because someone closed the door a bit too loud. However, the new Soundcore A2 NC Noise Cancelling Earbuds can make sure that you sleep peacefully throughout the night and only wake up in the morning. With many features like long battery life, customized ANC, and 6-mic technology, Soundcore gives you a call and music experience that is just out of this world.

Noise cancelling

There are two mics per earbud; one is fitted internally while the other one is fitted externally and both can be used to eliminate as much as 90% of ambient noises from your environment. It is just you and your peace. Just put these on and just relax, or enjoy music. Furthermore, you also have the option to listen to the outside world when need be. Although, the transparency mode is a bit too quiet for our liking. It is perfect for people who want an immersive yet isolated soundstage that delivers high-quality music.

Sound quality

The audio sounds clear and natural with deep bass. The 11mm bio-cellulose drivers help to provides an overall balanced and a wider soundstage than many of its competitors. The songs sound balanced and the buds enhance their sound quality. Honestly, these small buds make the music sound exactly how the producers and the musicians envisioned. Whether you’re making a call or listening to songs, it makes everything sound so perfect!


The earbuds do fit conveniently inside the ear. You can definitely wear these for longer hours without feeling fatigued inside your ears. Though the buds fit quite firmly inside your ear, they have a protruding style that might not be what some people prefer. Other than that, they are pretty comfortable to wear.


The most unique aspect of these small devices is that even when you turn the volume to the highest level (which is A LOT), the audio does not get distorted. It plays with just as much vibrancy and clarity as it did at low volume. The battery time is seven hours approximately. Moreover, the charging case can extend the battery time up to 4 times which is approximately 2-weeks’ worth of battery life! Also, only 10-minute fast charging provides 1.5 hours of non-stop playtime. How great is that?

Final verdict

These earbuds will work perfectly for anyone who desires pin-drop silence while they are sleeping. Though these have a slightly protruding design and the transparency mode is impractical, we can easily ignore these flaws because of the amazing ANC technology it provides. Moreover, it offers seven hours of continuous use and a 10-minutes charge gives 1.5 hours of playtime which is perfect!

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