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Siepasa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Review: Best Reversible Umbrella

Its reversible design makes it easy to close and open in public areas without disrupting other people. The feature also comes in handy when getting out of the car during a heavy downpour.

Siepasa Double Layer Inverted umbrella

Siepasa Double Layer Inverted umbrella

The C-shaped handgrip design provides a firm grip while keeping your hands free to hold your handbag, baby, or other items in the rain.

  • Brand: Siepasa
  • Model: B07MY242VP
  • Material: Polyester


It's a pretty great buy for those looking for an umbrella equipped with a reversible design. You never get wet when entering or leaving your car, and its self-standing design makes it easy to store.


  • Handy reversible design
  • C-shaped handle
  • Self-standing design


  • Doesn't pack light
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

The most annoying part of using an umbrella during a heavy downpour is getting into your car dripping wet. The invention of reversible umbrellas like the Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella solves this problem. It opens inside-out, leaving the wet side on the inside when closed, so you don’t get soaked when entering a car.


Its unique double-layer, reverse-opening, and folding design stand out. It’s this construction that keeps water from dripping on the floor or car because the top part folds under the dry area. When coupled with the double-layer pongee fabric and its eight steel ribs, the umbrella has superb windproof effects. Also, the arc is large enough to shelter you and your loved one.

Opening mechanism

The umbrella has an automatic and manual opening mechanism. You can click the button embedded on the frame or push it open. It’s safer to open and close manually since its design prevents you from poking people’s eyes.


It isn’t your regular compact umbrella. When open it has a length of 42.5 inches and 31.5 inches when folded. As such, you can’t stash it in your backpack or handbag if you want to carry light.

Value for money

The umbrella is reasonably priced for its unique design and overall construction. The reversible design keeps you and your car dry while its large arch accommodates more than two people. Adding a hollow-out technology that makes it 2.7 times easier to open is another selling point.

Final verdict

The Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella is a solid buy if looking for a handy reversible umbrella. The trade-off is its incredible length. If you like packing light or looking for a more compact umbrella, you’d need to look for other options like the Lanbrella windproof umbrella.

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