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TBI Pro Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best Waterproof

It operates up to 2000 ft. which makes it an excellent choice to rely on, especially for the beach days. The waterproof coating protects the collar from water splashes while the Li-ion battery would last for many years. The 100 adjustable levels let you set the collar as per the pet's requirements.

TBI Vibration Control

TBI Vibration Control

Apart from its waterproof capability, its wireless range stands out. The device supports a remote range of up to 2000 ft allowing you to issue commands even when the dog is afar.

  • Brand: TBI Pro
  • Product Number: B07LB1L3J9
  • Material: Nylon


This dog training collar is suitable for pet owners who perform outdoor activities frequently. The trainer’s receiver is IP67 rated, which means it can be submerged up to one meter in water for thirty minutes. As such, you don't have to remove the collar when performing water-based outdoor activities.


  • Safe
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life


  • Inconsistent wireless connectivity
Wireless Range
Value for money

The details

You don’t want to purchase a new dog training collar after every outdoor activity. Purchasing a waterproof device saves you the money and the time spent looking for another dog training collar. Waterproof dog collars hardly absorb water and remain responsive even after getting submerged in water. TBI Pro is an excellent example.


The vibration setting is the most effective at correcting your dog’s behavior; with up to 100 adjustable levels, you can increase the intensity based on your pet’s response and size. Many customers cited they hardly needed to use the shock setting as the vibration training mode did most of the work.


The device has three training modes: signal, vibration, and shock. The vibration mode is adjustable to 100 levels, and with the independent function buttons, your dog is protected when you send the wrong operation. The strap is also adjustable, accommodating dogs weighing 10 to 100 pounds.

Wireless range

TBI equips this shock collar with a powerful processor that sends strong signals within a 2000-foot wireless range allowing you to train your dog over a long-range.

Value for money

The device is pretty affordable for its performance and construction. Its long wireless range, waterproof construction, and effective training modes provide great value for your money.

Final verdict

The TBI Pro training collar is a suitable buy if planning to train your pup or dog outdoors. With a battery life of up to 15 days and waterproof construction, you don’t have to stop training mid-session. The collar has been tested on dogs of different sizes, breeds, and temperaments and has proved reliable, safe, and efficient.

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