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Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel Review: Best for Face Stitches

This product contains medical-grade silicone, which has been used for decades by doctors and professionals as a non-surgical treatment for scars and stitches marks.

Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel

Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel

This scar treatment gel is the perfect choice for those who want to get rid of the scars left behind by face stitches. It’s also fast-acting and works on all types of skin.

  • Brand: TEREZ & HONOR
  • Product Number: 810027280480
  • Skin type: Face & body


Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel is a powerful scar removal gel for the face. It is designed for all types of face skin and contains components such as silicone oil, Laurocapram, and peppermint oil.


  • It uses 100% medical-grade ingredients
  • Contains peppermint oil which acts as a natural antiseptic
  • Works well on minor scars and burn marks
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Not the most cost-effective option
  • It needs regular SPF application for extra protection
Value for money

The details

Face stitch scars typically grow hypertrophic, which implies they become elevated and reddish. Silicone-based scar gels, such as this Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel, are a science-backed answer. We find this cream an exception solution for face scar problems since it covers the skin in a hydrating, sun-free film for proper healing.

  • Effectiveness

Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel’s major active ingredient is silicon oil, which protects and moisturizes skin cells to aid in the healing process. This scar gel is effective on both old and fresh scars and can help reduce the visibility of face stitches and other surgical scars.

Users with mild scars reported that they observed a considerable change in their skin after only two weeks of use. Also, other than making scars less visible, it works best to moisturize the skin.

  • Ingredients quality

Because it is made of natural materials, this scar gel is suitable for all skin types. One of the exfoliants and components in the cream is peppermint oil, which can fight germs and bacteria that can cause infections on your face skin.

  • Safety

Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel is produced from natural components. This renders it safe and suitable for all types of skin, including oily, normal, and sensitive skin. It also contains no synthetic fragrances, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction to added chemicals.

If your face stitch is itchy at times, this cream may be ideal for you. Every time you use it, the peppermint oil integrated into the silicone formula will calm your skin and ease itches.

  • Value for money

This item is more pricey and available in a smaller volume than its competitors. However, if you want an effective scar removal approach as well as additional benefits from peppermint oil, this scar treatment cream may be worth the investment.

Final verdict

Terez & Honor Scar Remover Gel is an excellent choice for anyone who has a face stitch and is looking for an excellent scar cream. The cream contains natural and clinically proven substances that can effectively eliminate both old and fresh scars. To get the best results, we recommend applying a tiny amount of this gel to your skin and spread it out so that it creates a thin layer. It will take about 3 minutes for the gel to completely absorb into your skin. The manufacturer recommends applying it to your scar two to three times per day.

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