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Terro 1806 Ant Killer Review: Best for Garden

This one comes with borax that increases its power many times. It has a flexible placement since you can use it anywhere let it be ground, basement, or garage, and that too without the risks. The formula in it prevents it from drying out abruptly.

Terro T1806-6 Liquid Ant Baits

Terro T1806-6 Liquid Ant Baits

This ant killer is best known for killing all the ants exist in their existing colonies within 3 days.

  • Brand: TERRO
  • Product Number: T1806
  • Pest Type: Ant, Insect


These outdoor ant baits target the entire colonies of ants. This slow working bait shows its effects when worker ants carry the poison to the queen ant.


  • Easy to set-up
  • exterminates hundreds of ants in 2-3 days
  • borax-based ant killing baits


  • It doesn’t kill ants immediately on contact
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

TERRO offers the most reliable method to kill indoor ants. Its liquid baits can also be used to target and wipe-out outdoor colonies of ants. That liquid borax bait won’t dry out quickly due to high-quality bait stations. It will make your lawn or garden ant-free within 3 days.


About 90% buyers believe this ant killer got the best chance of killing outdoor ants. It kills a variety of ant species, including fire ants.

Ease of use

Bait stations are very easy to unpack and set-up in the lawn and garden. Place them in areas where ants move frequently. It will kill all those within the next three days!

Value for money

Ants habitually consume, collect, and share baits with other ants. Thus, it kills a huge number of ants in a few days.


TERRO charges quite an affordable price for its liquid ant baits, which kill all types of outdoor ants.

Final verdict

TERRO has solved the ant infestation issue in thousands of homes. Its outdoor baits have the potential to kill all the ants in their mounds. That’s why it’s one of the finest outdoor ant killers.

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