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Tetrogen Innovative Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Supplement for Weight Loss Through Hormonal Balance

Need a helping hand to kickstart your weight loss journey and bring out of whack hormones into balance? Then check this product out.

Tetrogen Innovative Weight Loss Supplement

Tetrogen Innovative Weight Loss Supplement

This supplement works differently from other weight loss treatments by tackling your hormonal balances directly. In order to assure that your body is optimized for weight loss, it balances the hormones cortisol and leptin to create the ideal environment that produces greater energy and consumes less food.

  • Brand: Tetrogen
  • Unit count: 30 count
  • Item form: Capsule


This supplement provides a sturdy foundation for your long-term weight loss journey and is an all-natural formula so there is no worry of contaminants and filler ingredients tampering with your health. Unfortunately, Tetrogen is not a quick fix solution and does take some time to actually produce a result. You’ll see and feel the results in 2-3 weeks of consumption, which means there is going to be a window in which your body silently undergoes changes.


  • Long-lasting weight loss results
  • All-natural formula
  • Helps establish the 80/20 diet rule


  • Results present themselves 2-3 weeks into consumption
Value for money

The details

Tetrogen is an investment that paves the way towards better health. The Tetrogen Day and Night supplement work by taking one capsule at night and one capsule in the day. They have to be taken in twelve-hour intervals for continuous, steady benefits. With one capsule made for the day and one for the night, you’ll be losing gradual weight in a healthy manner in a span of 2-3 weeks. But, if you’re in a hurry to shed the pounds then you may be disappointed with Tetrogen as it does demand commitment and persistence over a period of time to lose weight effectively.  


Metabolic hormones are the ones in charge of weight gain and loss. Once imbalanced, you start to feel lethargy and cravings, which begin to take a toll on your health. Tetrogen aims to regain that balance to once again optimize your body’s natural weight loss procedure. How it does so can be divided into two steps:

  • First, there is the recalibration of your metabolic hormones. When your metabolic hormones are imbalanced, you’ll feel lethargic and crave indulgent foods more. By rectifying this, Tetrogen helps you crave less and regain your energy levels so you’re active throughout the day.
  • Now that you have balanced metabolic hormones, Tetrogen can maintain this weight loss by controlling any future cravings, staying active with improved metabolism and boosting energy levels, and supporting your digestive health with healthy foods.

Taking these routinely helps manipulate your hormonal balance to be better suited for the ideal healthy 80/20 diet, which makes 80% healthy balanced meals and 20% your own indulgence.

The difference will become evident once you notice a change in your eating patterns which involves less unnecessary snacking and greater activity.


The following list of ingredients are active ingredients in the formula which have been identified and scientifically proven to display health benefits.

  • Melatonin helps ensure you a proper night’s rest, which is why it’s found in the Tetrogen Night pills. It also helps control your leptin levels which reduces your inclination towards your cravings.
  • Green tea extract contains EGCG which supports healthy weight loss. It will also help you burn off excess fat and boost your metabolism levels, increasing your energy.
  • Capsaicin focuses on the fat in your body. It shrinks fats down so they’re easier to flush out, controls the level of fat in your system, and converts fat into productive energy you can use. It helps immensely in the process of losing weight.  
  • Dyglomera helps improve your leptin function and lower craving levels. It also reduces fat deposits around your body and increases your overall energy levels.
  • Cissus performs many functions for your body. It’ll suppress your appetite, control blood sugar and glucose levels, burn fat over time, and increase the amount of fat loss you experience.
  • Irvingia Gabonesis is a mango native to Africa that helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also naturally burns fat and reduces fatty acid production, increasing the extent of weight loss you experience.


This supplement should only be taken by people aged 18 and above. If your doctor has already prescribed you medical drugs for other or similar conditions, consult with them first if Tetrogen is something you can safely take. Never use weight loss supplements if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Value for money:

Seeing as there are two different pills in this deal, there are going to be more bottles to buy in each package. You can only purchase Tetrogen from the official website. Other Tetrogen products you may find in retail stores or third-party sellers do not have guaranteed quality and performance and maybe faulty products.

There are three package deals which you can purchase.

  • The first is the standard Day and Night bottle each with 30 capsules in one bottle. This 30-day supply is priced at $89.95.
  • The second deal contains 3 Day and Night bottles and is a 90-day supply priced at $209.
  • Finally, there is the 180-day supply of Tetrogen Day and Night pills which is priced at $290 and contains a total of 12 bottles.

All of these package deals come with free shipping across the US and are covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason.

Final verdict

Tetrogen provides 24/7 support to your weight loss journey. By boosting your metabolic rate and balancing your hormones, you’ll have a more naturally healthy means of controlling weight gain and inducing weight loss. Within 2-3 weeks, your system will be naturally structured to easily obey to 80/20 diet rule and benefit from optimized meal planning.

Manufacturers repeatedly emphasize that this is not a quick-fix solution to weight loss. So. it may not be for anyone who is looking for a miracle pill to lose weight but is only intended for users who are looking for a long-term and sustained solution to losing weight.

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