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The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook Review: Best for Cheap Meals

This cookbook carries more than 700 recipes that are going to help all the newbies out there. The layout is pretty organized and with each recipe, shares the cuisine's main aspects and basic facts. It also has several recipes for people who are thinking of going on a healthy diet.

The Complete Cooking for Two cookbook

The Complete Cooking for Two cookbook

If you recently got wedded or plan to spend some alone time with your spouse, the complete cooking for two cookbooks is a perfect way for you to bond. Everything you need, you'll get from the book.

  • Author: America's Test Kitchen
  • ISBN-10: 1936493837
  • Edition: Paperback


This cookbook essentially saves you the trouble of worrying about what measurements to use for your ingredients. The book already has all the necessary calculations. All you need is to follow.


  • Ideal for cheap food
  • Offers over 600 recipes


  • Recipes not structured
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

This is one cookbook that individuals seeking to cook food without needing to break the bank should have. In the simplest of terms, it offers a peek into how feasible low-budget cooking can be when equipped with the right resources.


After scaling down several recipes, America’s Test Kitchen settled on 650 recipes in their cookbook. Some of the recipes include soups, stir-fries, meatloaf, and pastry.
As the name implies, all recipes in the cookbook have been calculated to ensure that whatever dish is made comes out perfectly every time.


America’s Test Kitchen team once again came together to work on this genius project. Like most of their previous works, The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook is the first of its kind.
The pioneering team is the first to scale down recipes and redesign them to fit only two people perfectly. Though some of the recipes are very tricky, America’s Test Kitchen team found ways to break it down.

Final verdict

The Complete Cooking for two cookbooks speaks to comfort. You get step by step guide plus precise calculations, you follow the instructions, and then, all you have to do is enjoy your meal.

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