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The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook Review: Best for Vegetarians

Although it mentions being specifically for vegetarians, it has multiple recipes for meat lovers as well. This cookbook ranges up to 700 recipes that can help you get better at cooking within a week or two. It possesses famous recipes by renowned chefs from all across the globe.

The Complete Vegetarian cookbook

The Complete Vegetarian cookbook

This cookbook was released to cater to vegetarians' needs worldwide who might want to have more fun with their diet. If you are one, be sure to grab a copy.

  • Author: America's Test Kitchen
  • ISBN-10: 1936493969
  • Edition: Paperback


The culinary industry is filled with several cookbooks but rarely do you see a vegan-based recipe book. However, with this cookbook's release, vegetarians can now do more fun things while fixing up a meal for themselves.


  • Features 700 recipes
  • Ideal for vegetarians


Ease of use
Value for money

The details

With affiliation to “Cook’s illustrated” and “Cook’s Country,” it comes as no surprise that the brand has several cookbooks, podcasts, and websites where they share some of their best kitchen tips with fans. Considering how much experience the kitchen has in the culinary world, their new cookbook is set to offer readers the best of the vegetarian diet.


This cookbook offers over 300 recipes that take about 45 minutes or less to get ready. Also, there are 500 gluten-free recipes and 250 vegan recipes to help you navigate your culinary skills. The cookbook offers various recipes incorporating the use of vegetables, snacks, salads, and beans.


Written by an American test kitchen, The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook is the famous kitchen’s first-ever vegetarian cookbook. “America’s Test Kitchen” is a thirty-minute long cooking show hosted by television personalities Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster. On the show, famous chefs like Becky Hyas, Lan Lam, Elle Simone Scott, and many more develop recipes while considering what works and doesn’t.

Final verdict

Being a vegetarian might come with many hassles, especially if you have to eat similar things every day. But with the Test Kitchen’s new vegetarian cookbook, vegans can expect now to have an exciting, delicious yet healthy diet.

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