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The Searcher Mystery Book Review: Best Unpredictability

The searcher is a thriller and mystery novel from Tana French who is the author of In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbour, The Secret Place, and The Trespasser.

The Searcher mystery book

The Searcher mystery book

  • Author: Tana French
  • ISBN-10: 073522465X
  • Release date: October 6, 2020


The searcher is thrilling, dark and atmospheric novel with a poetic like writing that compliments every aspect of the book so beautifully l, Cal Hooper, a 48-year-old former cop from Chicago, moves to a small village in Ireland to start over to find himself back doing his old job, This is a slow burn, atmospheric read.


  • Atmospheric and immersive world build up
  • The author wrote an amazing story
  • The writing level is superb
  • The events happening across the story are entertaining
  • Great ending, everything comes to a good conclusion


  • The language is very offensive
  • Not suitable for all readers
  • The story can drag on for a while sometimes
  • The main character can be unlikeable at times

The details

Cal Hooper thought a project in a rural Irish town would be the ideal getaway. Following a quarter-century in the Chicago police power and a wounding separation, he simply needs to assemble another life in a beautiful spot with a decent bar where not a lot occurs. However, when a nearby child whose sibling has disappeared forces him into researching, Cal reveals layers of obscurity underneath his pleasant retreat and begins to understand that even modest communities cover dangerous mysteries.


In the searcher , Tana French goes out to  a new area: a provincial Irish setting not quite the same as the metropolitan and rural Ireland of her past works, and a focal character who is an American, while her past characters have been local Irish.
this new previously uncharted explore by French brings out a new side of her writing ability which leaves the reader with no shortage of entertainment.

If the reader allows their self to be sucked into the world of the book they’ll feel immersed and attached to the events of the story


Cal, recently separated and resigned from the Chicago PD, moves to a far off town in Ireland searching for a tranquil, serene life, a spot that couldn’t be more not the same as Chicago. He’s life-exhausted and his relationship with his ex and grown-up daughter is not stable.

As he redesigns his haggard bungalow he utilizes the confinement and physical labour as a way to heal. Yet, there’s no security in a little town, and, indeed, Cal misses human collaboration. He starts to meet his neighbours at the nearby watering opening and furthermore gets to know a nearby kid, Trey, who is from the undesirable part of town and has his very own mystery. It’s a fellowship that benefits both, and it was magnificent and endearing to watch their kinship bloom as Trey assists with the work on his home, and Cal shows him new abilities. Cal is a genuine Renaissance man with numerous abilities yet those abilities are tempered with empathy and goodness.

Trey has a harsh home life and an adored sibling, Brendan, who has vanished suddenly and completely. Trey realizes Cal is a resigned PO and asks Cal to help find him. Likewise with most humble communities, privileged insights run profound and as Cal reveals them, he gets unobtrusive dangers that in the long run become not-so-unpretentious.

Agitating things start to occur locally and esteemed gentleman fellowship in the neighbourhood bar has an inclination that makes Cal attentive. The developing feeling of strain and disquiet that at last detonates is the kind of unobtrusive tension.


I appreciate the Dublin Murder Squad arrangement however this was an astounding, elegantly composed, air independent. Barely any writers can compose this kind of tension just as Tana French. I especially love the kind of gradual process where I’m aware of the everyday schedules and the private considerations .

fantastic writing, her incredible abilities allow her to create an intense, realistic, dark, raw, rash depict of rural western Irish and transport you on an unforgettable, breath-taking voyage.

The story’s true protagonist is this small village. You learn to listen to its own people’s hardships, unhappiness, demanding, difficult life choices, and embrace the dynamics of the relationships as you begin your reading.

The depictions of rural Ireland and the intricate composition were enthralling. As always, the timing and inventive storytelling were satisfying. The characters were difficult to relate with at first, but as you read, you grow accustomed to their flaws and embrace them for who they are.

The birds are anthropomorphized as a microcosm of the local residents throughout the narrative, yet they are also brutal in the animal kingdom’s natural fashion.


Cal Hooper : Main protagonist, a retired Chicago Police Department detective, he moved to rural Ireland to get away from Chicago and all that life style from his past life, in search of calmness and quite he finds himself sucked right back into his old world only this time he’s not working for the government in his detective work and this time the job is helping Trey, this enraged and ferocious local adolescent, with a mysterious origin a dark past and a missing brother, The reader learns more about Trey as he becomes  a friend figure for Cal to which leads them into the search for Brendan,

Brendan is Try’s brother who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, a young man whose mother appears to be hesitant to look. Cal believes the youngster has been stolen by an unseen “tribe”; a group that is really a threat, but not in the uncomplicated way that Cal imagines. The group also serves as a character in the book as well as the city in an abstract way.

Final verdict

It is no surprise that the searcher was a smash hit, coming from a best-selling author, well known for her masterful writing skills and impactful stories. Tana French almost out done herself in some aspects with this one and she gets every stamp of approval possible for a book and a novel, absolutely amazing work.

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