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Thinkbaby Natural Sunblock Sunscreen Review: Best for Babies

A nutrient-dense, toxin-free, non-greasy product to slather on young skin will give it the right protection before stepping out in the sun.

Thinkbaby Natural Sunblock sunscreen

Thinkbaby Natural Sunblock sunscreen

This sunblock is excellent at protecting young skin from harmful UV rays while still keeping skin well moisturized with its nutritious formula. A highly non-fragrant, non-aerosol, and biodegradable solution for your child’s skin safety.

  • Brand: Thinkbaby
  • Product number: LIVESUNBABY3_AMZSTKR
  • Scent: Unscented


This product has passed all the rules and regulations of Whole Foods Premium Care and it is also certified and appraised by EWG. It uses non-toxic and non-nano zinc-oxides for better skin protection not only from harmful sun rays but also from cancer-causing and skin-harming chemicals.


  • EWG certified for infants and children under-5 children
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy
  • Broad-spectrum protection


  • Expensive for its small size
Ingredient quality
Value for money

The details

Thinkbaby sunscreen uses biodegradable, toxin and chemical-free ingredients that are completely safe to use on a kid’s skin. It does not give an oily look and provides complete protection from all UV rays.


Highly recommended for kids, this sunblock is loaded with wholesome and harmless contents. Nano chemicals, aerosol, and harmful chemicals like PABA are not part of this excellent sun cream.

Featuring vanilla and orange-scented formula, it rubs in nicely with no icky feeling and keeps babies safe while their time in the sun.

Parents are fans of the easy application and gentle formula on babies and how it stays and does its job with perfection. They like that the application does not show any clumping and don’t mind any white streaks if visible.

Ingredient quality:

The active ingredient in this sun-blocking cream is 20% micronized zinc oxide which is the ingredient to look for when choosing a quality product. It blocks both UVA and UVB rays and is photostable and water-resistant.

Zinc oxide is particularly beneficial for babies and young children whose skin may not be as developed or mature as adult skin. Also suitable for sensitive skin, it sits on the skin like a protective barrier instead of getting absorbed into the skin.

Online reviewers laud the thick formula saying that while it goes on white, it’s easy to rub it in and it fades quickly.


Even though it advertises a tear-free formula, be careful not to get this sunblock into the eyes.

Parents who want to keep things as natural as possible will love the safety profile on this product.  

Value for money:

This formula is mineral-rich and hypoallergenic giving it excellent value for its price. As a starter sunscreen, it’s hard to beat the value of Thinkbaby Natural Sunblock.

Final verdict

Delicate on sensitive skin, this sunblock from Thinkbaby was rated as the best by EWG in 2001 with its safe and harmless chemical formula. It has all the right safety and convenience accolades so you can feel good about taking your little one outside and giving them the best protection possible.

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