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Tommy Hilfiger for Men EDT Cologne Spray Review: Best for Modern Men

The scent is fresh, neat, and manly in the best possible manner. It includes several citruses, floras, and amber which are perfect for a day out in warm seasons.

Tommy Hilfiger Cologne

Tommy Hilfiger Cologne

Best cologne for modern men

  • Brand: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Model: 121139
  • Item form: Spray


It is a fresh-smelling cologne that contains various refreshing notes like mint, grapefruit, bergamot, and cotton flower which will keep you smelling clean, fresh, and pleasant throughout the day. The amber adds a kick of powdery smell that makes it smell rich.


  • Has a projection of two hours
  • Perfect for summers
  • Rich, pleasant, and refreshing scent


  • Should have more bottle sizes
Longevity of smell
Bottle design
Value for money

The details

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger was first introduced to the world in 1995. It can be described as a citrus aromatic fragrance that was concocted by Alberto Morillas and Annie Buzantian. It was, and still is, one of the go-to scents that most men go for while going out with friends or family.


The top notes include mint, grapefruit, lavender, and bergamot whereas the middle contains the addicting scents of rose, cranberry, and granny smith apples. Lastly, the base notes include cotton flower, amber, and cactus. All of the accords seem to blend extremely well and smells fresh and green.

The longevity of smell

Most people rated longevity and sillage moderate. Although, the scent is immaculate and one of the best in the category of refreshing colognes, it lasts only for five to six hours and the projection lasts for a good two hours.

Bottle design  

The bottle is only available in one size; a 100ml cologne spray bottle. The atomizer spreads the liquid in a fine mist which quickly dries off on the clothes and skin without leaving any stains.


The fragrance is suitable for warmer seasons or daytime use. It smells citrusy, fresh, clean, energizing, and warm. Many people find it pleasant and recommend it for office use as well.

Final verdict

The scent is refreshing and a bit soapy. The lavender and citruses work amazingly together to provide a soothing and calming undertone that will make you feel energized even during a sweaty day of June.

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