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Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella Review: Best for Visibility

Its see-through design makes this umbrella truly iconic. Even with its extended dome-shaped canopy your vision is hardly obstructed.

Totes Signature Bubble umbrella

Totes Signature Bubble umbrella

The extra headroom for this tote Signature umbrella is pretty generous compared to regular umbrellas. It extends 17 inches providing additional protection from the rain.

  • Brand: Totes
  • Model: 9623
  • Material: Plastic


Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella is a must buy if you’re living in areas that experience heavy downpour. Its see-through material prevents the extended dome-shaped canopy from obscuring vision, while its aluminum shaft keeps it extremely portable and lightweight.


  • Dome-shaped canopy blocks more rain
  • See-through material
  • Lightweight


  • Canopy isn't durable
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

With its wide canopy, the umbrella provides more coverage compared to a traditional umbrella. As such, even during heavy downpour, your clothes hardly get drenched. And with its see-through material, your vision isn’t obscured when it’s pouring.


If you live in an extremely humid area, you want an umbrella that’s easy to carry and can hold up to the heavy rains and totes’ Signature umbrella is a befitting buy. What particularly stands out is its wide canopy that ensures you stay dry. When open the arch measures 52 inches allowing as much headroom as possible.

Opening mechanism

The umbrella is equipped with a traditional opening mechanism that might not help when boarding or alighting from a bus or car. Push the spring-loaded arm to open the umbrella.


When folded, the umbrella has a length of 37 inches which is pretty manageable for everyday use. It’s also fitted with a classic J-shaped handle that makes it easy to carry.

Value for money

The umbrella has a reasonable price for its features. It’s stylish, has a vast headroom, and sturdy construction.

Final verdict

This Tote umbrella is a must-have for people living in areas with a heavy downpour. It’s an excellent example of blending style, function, and durability. Its dome shape not only keeps you dry but prevents the umbrella from breaking during strong winds. Since the umbrella comes farther down when opened, the wind hardly gets under it quickly.

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