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Try Alive Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Natural Fat Burner Diet Pills

Dopamine deficiency bogging you down? Maybe it's hard for you to stop binge eating or you're always craving unhealthy foods? If so, here's something to restore your dopamine levels back to balance and help you lose that extra weight.

Try Alive Weight Loss Supplement

Try Alive Weight Loss Supplement

Try Alive is advertised as a 5-second morning routine that burns fat effectively and helps with losing weight in a natural and healthy manner. Manufacturers claim it delivers impressive results for all, no matter their weight or age.

  • Brand: Try Alive
  • Unit count: 60 count
  • Item form: Capsule


A weight loss supplement that enhances dopamine production and serotonin balance in the brain, it reduces cravings to help you lose the extra weight. Instead of targeting fat burn alone, Try Alive works on brain function so that it can almost trick you into thinking you are eating more than enough. However, dopamine production is not the only factor in the weight-loss equation. You may also have to keep other things in mind and make lifestyle changes if you want to lose weight for the long term.


  • All-natural
  • Safe and effective ingredients
  • Induces dopamine
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available online
  • Comes with an expensive price tag
  • Contains a proprietary blend
Value for money

The details

Try Alive is a weight loss supplement working with the dual aim of losing fat and supporting dopamine production. Its fat-burning ingredient profile contains compounds that improve metabolism to burn fat and help maintain dopamine levels in the body, just enough to help with weight loss.


Try Alive works to burn excess fat, boost energy levels, and help you get back in shape with no extraneous demands.

Unlike other supplements that focus on fat burn alone, Try Alive works to balance hormonal levels in the brain, particularly dopamine.

Now everyone knows that dopamine is the feel-good hormone that makes it easier to get rid of extra fat without compromising on mood, energy, or any other factors.  

Using a blend of safe, all-natural ingredients, Try Alive facilitates healthy dopamine production in the brain. It features an enriched formula containing green coffee bean extract, guarana, and a variety of green tea extracts that are your natural sources for coffee.

Taking the recommended dose of Try Alive daily helps rejuvenate the body, assists with different health aspects, and reduces the urge to overeat or binge eat. In addition, it may also help users with improved brain clarity.


The formula incorporates ingredients that provide energy and antioxidants to help detoxify the body from unwanted waste and toxins. The supplement aims to boost metabolism levels and make them work at maximum levels to get to the desired goal.

Try Alive uses high-quality dopamine inducers and fat burners which are safe for daily consumption. Its main ingredients include green tea extracts, Kucha tea leaf, tropical fruit, Bioperine, organic ginger, piperine, and white willow bark.

The vitamin and antioxidant-rich formula promises to aid effective and long-term weight loss by inducing dopamine production to finish the feelings of binge eating.

Manufacturers only advertise their supplement as an aid for weight loss and healthy assistance and do not make any claims about it treating obesity or other ailments.

While we appreciate the manufacturers honestly in not calling it anything more than a weight loss supplement, it would have been nice if they had decided to disclose the amounts of its active ingredients on the supplement label. Instead, the ingredients are packed inside a proprietary blend leaving users unaware of how much of each ingredient is used.

Also, no studies have been done on the Try Active formula itself, but there is some evidence that the individual ingredients used in the supplement have some weight loss benefits.


This supplement contains all-natural, effective, and proven ingredients in one pill. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, you get nothing but high-grade and high-quality supplements manufactured in safe conditions and with the most advanced technology.

The makers of the supplement follow GMP practices to meet all health regulations and deliver a safe product. There are no toxic or chemical ingredients that suppress the diet and cause bodily damage.

All capsules are manufactured in the US in compliance with regulatory standards.

No serious side effects have been reported with the use of the supplement. Users who are happy with the results find the product effective and safe for regular use.

Like any other weight loss supplement, women who are pregnant or nursing, children under the age of 18, and anyone with a pre-existing medical condition should not start taking Try Alive without consulting with their medical practitioner.

Value for money  

One bottle of Try Alive is priced at $69 minus shipping costs. For a 3-bottle package deal, you can get one bottle priced at $59 each totaling $177, and the six-bottle package deal comes at every bottle priced at $49 giving you a total of $249.

Every bottle of try alive contains 60 capsules giving you a 30-day supply enough to last you for a month at 2 capsules per dose. Multiple bottle packages are offered with free shipping within the US while the single bottle purchase comes with a shipping fee.

Although the supplement is priced somewhat higher than the competition, it comes with a 100% guaranteed 60-day refund making it a risk-free investment.

Anyone not satisfied with the results can avail of the full refund by providing their order ID number, shipping name and address, contact information, and the original packing slip. The company requires the mentioned information to issue a refund otherwise failing to comply with these requirements will void any refund obligations.

Final verdict

If you prefer using natural products for your weight loss endeavors, then Try Alive may be a good one to try. It promises to contain nothing but all-natural ingredients with no harmful substances.

We like that the manufacturers have not made any unrealistic claims such as their supplement working without proper diet and exercise. So, if you pair healthy eating and regular exercise with Try Alive, you are likely to see quicker and longer-lasting results.

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