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Under Armour Charged Commit 2.0 CrossFit Shoes Review: Best Advanced Level

It has a 4D foam sock liner that promises you won’t have to come across excessive sweating. The synthetic mesh upper ensures that fashion and comfort go hand in hand.

Under Armour Charged Commit 2.0 CrossFit Shoes

Under Armour Charged Commit 2.0 CrossFit Shoes

The shoe is extremely responsive thanks to its synthetic mesh upper and 4D foam sock liner. They ensure every movement is reflected by the shoe.

  • Brand: Under Armour
  • Product Number: 3022027
  • Type: Trainer Shoes


Its overall construction is both functional and stylish. This means you can wear the shoes to your CrossFit training sessions and still pair it with casual clothing for informal gatherings thereafter.


  • Great traction
  • Responsive midsole
  • Breathable upper sole


  • You may need time to get used to the shoe
Value for money

The details

Under Armor is known for making the best athletic accessories and this cross trainer shoe follows suit. It is lightweight and incredibly responsive allowing you to get most out of your workouts.


Under Armor focuses on enhancing breathability hence it’s super thin upper. The company uses a special material similar to that used its athletic accessories primarily designed to allow your feet to breath. In addition, the shoe has a lightweight construction that enhances its responsive design.


The upper part of this shoe has a solid color throughout the except for some highlights along the sides of the lace holes. It is this consistency that gives the shoe a distinct and subtle appearance.


As highlighted earlier, this UA crossfit shoe is all about improving responsiveness and comfort. UA achieves this using its proprietary Charged cushioning technology on the midsole. The technology enables the midsole to absorb impact once it comes into contact with the ground and rebound the absorbed energy into a spring-like response.


With so many new features and technology integrated into this shoe’s design we’d expect this shoe to be expensive. However, it’s fairly priced making it affordable even for those on a tight budget.

Final verdict

The shoe is best suited for runners who have an indoor workout space and those who enjoy cross-training. This is because its thin outsole and tight upper don’t work well when using the pair on open road.

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