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Universal 4521 Cloth Face Mask Review: Best Reusable

100% cotton fabric face mask with 2 layers to provide a comfortable barrier against air pollutants. Both layers are extremely soft to help disperse moisture, making it comfortable for daily wear. Moreover, it comes in 3 different sizes and various colors.

Universal 4521 Cloth Face Mask

With stretchable ear loops and an adjustable nose bridge, the mask ensures a perfect fit. Besides, it is also available in three sizes.

  • Size: Adults
  • Material: Cotton
  • Features: Non-Medical Mask
  • Reusable: Yes


This reusable face mask not only falls within the budget but also provides complete protection with additional features for a perfect fit.


  • adjustable nose bridge
  • Available in three sizes
  • stretchable ear loops


  • lesser breathability
Value for money

The details

This face mask is made from 100 percent cotton. This makes it very comfortable. It has two layers and has the right filtration level to protect you from unwanted particles in the air. This reusable mask can be hand washed or machine washed after wearing it once or twice and then be used again.


The mask has two protective layers of varying densities to ensure that the particle doesn’t pass through the mask. The outer layer is the denser one, and the inner one is less dense.


Since the mask is purely made of cotton, it fits very comfortably. Although the size can sometimes be an issue, so make sure to select the right size. The snug fit ensures that there are minimal gaps and little to no fogging while wearing glasses.


The quality of the mask is very high. It has sturdy and stretchable ear loops. The mask is thick yet soft.


The price of this mask is pretty low. It comes in a pack of four, which is a pretty good catch for a reusable face mask of such high quality.

Final verdict

If you are looking for the best reusable anti-viral face masks, this is it. It provides complete coverage and protection. However, breathability can be an issue. Since the material is thick, it sometimes feels too close. If you already have breathing issues or are conscious about it, you can try out the other masks on the list.

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