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Universal Nutrition Animal Juiced Aminos BCAA Review: Best Source of EAAs

Unlike the conventional supplements, this one gives you BCAA dosage along with the EAA to increase your workout's efficiency to multifold. You can use it as a pre-work, post-work, or breakfast supplement without fearing any restriction. The three delicious flavors inside make it taste different from the clichéd medicinal one.

Universal Nutrition Animal Juiced Aminos BCAA supplement

Universal Nutrition Animal Juiced Aminos BCAA supplement

This product is efficient at building endurance, muscle retention, and brain focus. Since it has other kinds of amino acids, it also assists with bone-strengthening and protein synthesis.

  • Brand: Animal
  • Product Number: UNI1029/300/1239
  • Flavor: Orange


Like the title, this powder consists of a perfect blend of branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids. The cocktail of both make this a unique and powerful product for muscle recovery and an improved performance.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Unsanitized amino acids
  • Soy-free


  • No proper disclosure of dosage of each ingredient
Value for money

The details

Universal Nutrition is a famous brand and Animal is one of its oldest products. This product mostly focuses on bodybuilders and produce supplements to meet their needs. Juice Amino is Animal’s BCAA supplement with a twist. To make it different from the rest, Juice Amino has a cocktail of BCAAs and EAAs to enhance this trusted supplement.


BCAAs help with muscle retention, endurance, and mental focus. With the addition of EAAs, this powder also assists with increased bone density and protein synthesis. There’s more! Juiced AA Performance Blend improves circulation, reduces muscle cramps, and improves blood flow around the body. 


As discussed previously, Animal Juiced Aminos have both BCAAs and EAAs of unknown quality. The quantity hasn’t been mentioned so we can conclude whether this combination is effective or not. Moreover, Juiced AA Performance blend has ingredients like taurine, citrulline malate, and Agma Pure. All these ingredients play a role in increasing blood circulation during an exercise session.


This product has four different flavours. Depending on your taste buds, the flavours are a little heavy and sour, especially the lime and orange ones. If you don’t like anything sour, dilute the powder in at least two cups of water. 

Value for money

A single tub of Animal Juiced Amino powder can do 30 servings. Considering this quantity, the price, and the number of ingredients it offers, this product is pretty inexpensive. 

Final verdict

Animal Juiced Aminos has a lot to offer. The performance juice with the amino acids cocktail contributes towards a good performance of the body. Besides, this product is super cheap. The only thing it lacks is that it doesn’t mention the quantities of EAAs properly. It makes it hard to decide the real effect of the amino acids cocktail.  

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