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Vanicream Moisturizing Face Cream Review: Best Fragrance-Free

Treat your sensitive skin with the gentlest formula and keep your skin moisturized.

Vanicream Moisturizing Face Cream

Vanicream Moisturizing Face Cream

It has very few ingredients, which makes the formula of the cream simple and gentle on the skin

  • Brand: Vanicream
  • Product Number: 345334300168
  • Skin Type: Sensitive


The Vanicream is free of any chemical that can possibly irritate the skin. It doesn’t clog pores and can be used as a night cream and used for everyday use.


  • Comes with the seal of acceptance by NEA
  • Suitable for psoriasis and eczema


  • Thick and has petroleum
Value for money

The details

The Vanicream is dermatologically tested and is free of any artificial additive. The formula of the cream is very simple because of the very few ingredients. It is hence not allergic and very gentle on the skin. This face cream is suitable for eczema-prone skin and helps in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy. 


The second ingredient of the cream is petroleum, which is an important thing to note. Some people may also find the cream too thick. Besides, the cream has been proven to be very effective and gentle. 


the price of the Vanicream is in the affordable range, which makes it easily accessible. 


it is proven to be very effective and comfortable on dry, flaky, and sensitive skin. It keeps the skin moisturized without causing breakouts. 


The cream is free of masking fragrance, parabens, dyes, fragrance, formaldehyde, and lanolin.  

Final verdict

There are many creams for sensitive skin, but they’re not all effective. This cream made our list because of its simple yet effective formula that keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. 

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