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Vankyo C751 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Review: Best for Studying

The headphones have leveled audio fidelity, remarkable performance, excellent noise cancellation features, and a comfortable headset. With 30 hours of continuous usability, you can wear the headphones all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

Vankyo C751 Active noise cancelling headphone

Vankyo C751 Active noise cancelling headphone

Best noise-cancelling headphones for school use

  • Brand: Vankyo
  • Model: V9D
  • Battery life: 30 hours


The product is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and budget-friendly. It offers power highs, mids, and lows and has stunning reverberation effects. The unit also keeps all of the background noises out so that it is just you and your music.


  • Ideal audio quality
  • ANC works well
  • Takes only two hours to recharge
  • Comes with a protective case


  • The controls are quite small in size
Noise cancellation
Sound quality
Value for money

The details

It is a budget-friendly option that provides rich, balanced, and precise audio performance. Covered in matte black with silver accents, the unit feels durable and robust. It includes ANC, CVC, Bluetooth 5.0, large drivers, and many other features.

Noise cancellation

One of the main features of the headphone is active noise cancellation (ANC). When you switch it on, you will have a completely isolate soundstage which makes listening to any type of audio; music, audiobooks, podcast, a sublime experience. The integrated microphones help to cancel out all the background noise. 

Sound quality

The headphones feature dual 40 mm drivers that maintain the high, mid, and low tones perfectly. Thanks to the large aperture drivers, the bass is deep, powerful, and enjoyable. Whether it is hip, hop, rock, pop, jazz –the headphones make everything sound fantastic.


The cushioned headband is adjustable and does not add pressure over your skull when you wear them. The plush ear cups are padded with pleather which is soft, comfortable and has a cooling effect. The cups are large enough to engulf your entire ear so that you have an incredible yet isolate soundstage which you can enjoy to the fullest.


Apart from having extraordinary sound quality and noise cancellation features, the unit is also very convenient. It adorns a USB-C port and has a turbocharging feature that speeds up the charging process (full charge in only 2 hours!). When it is fully charged, it gives you a use time of approximately 30 hours at a time.

Final verdict

The headphones are downright one of the best models that were ever manufactured. Though the controls on the ear cups should have been a bit bigger, this flaw can easily be ignored because of all the great features the device possesses. It provides incredible sound quality, perfect noise cancellation, extreme comfort, and superior durability.

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