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Victure PC420 Baby Monitor Review: Best That Connects to Phone

Features an FHD camera and crystal clear audio with two-way communication, smart motion detector, and finest night vision.

Victure PC420 baby monitor

Victure PC420 baby monitor

Best baby monitor you can use with your phone

  • Brand: Victure
  • Model: PC420A
  • Resolution: 1080P / 15fps


The Victure PC420 baby monitor helps monitor your baby through wi-fi which notifies your phone making it an easy to use and exciting new product which is economical at the same time.


  • Good camera quality
  • Cloud storage facility and micro SD card slot
  • Fast Wi-Fi transmission


  • Night vision can’t be turned off
  • Connecting the camera takes 2-3 minutes
  • The camera needed to be plugged in constantly. Doesn’t have batteries.
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

With a built-in microphone, speaker and anti-noise technology one can communicate with their baby whenever they want. This baby monitor detects the motion and senses the abnormalities and sends an alert on the mobile app immediately. Furthermore; the model has instant alarm videos that are stored in the cloud to ensure safety. After the 30-days trial period annual fee is charged to access the cloud service. It supports up to 64GB in encrypted security cloud storage.

One can also connect Victure cameras on the PC420 app and pay closer attention to the baby all the time. Whether you want to protect your home, check in on the kids after school, keep tabs on your pet or talk to your kids, this home security camera will be at your disposal making your life easy.

After receiving good reviews from critics and users; this baby monitor has become one of the best-selling baby monitor on Amazon and is praised for the camera and dome surveillance categories. Now, let’s look at some of the interesting features that the product offers.


In today’s modern era usually both the parents are working. It is possible to miss out on some of the cutest movements in your kid’s life. And to resolve this issue, Victure PC420 is structured to store those memories. It has local storage support up to 64GB Micro SD card. Along with encrypted security cloud storage service. The first month of cloud storage is given free as a trial. And if you are satisfied with the service, nominal fees are charged for the feature.

Most of the baby monitors come with their own separate monitors making it difficult to share the video feed if parents are away from the baby. But with this model; one can share your account with your family, and the whole family can monitor your baby and house via Victure Home App and stay informed about what’s happening even if you’re out.

Victure has its own app for monitoring. The baby monitor will send a notification to your mobile phone via the application. The app is compatible with both IOS and android systems.

Advanced motion detection allows the user to detect moving and abnormity, and the notifications are sent to your phone immediately. Instant alarm videos will be taken and stored in a cloud or SD card ensuring security.

The camera provides customers with 1080 full HD recordings; giving you as clear of an image as possible. This camera can rotate 360° or fold the camera body 100° by rotating the camera bottom. That gives you a clear vision to view the house, families, or pets. One can set the camera lens at the angle that they need so that they can view the place needed and care for families better. You can rotate the camera through the app or manually.

Invisible infrared LEDs let you see your baby clearly even in the dark without disturbance. The camera will turn on infrared LEDs automatically when the light dims. The 8 invisible infrared LEDs gives a clear view of the room even in the dark.


One important aspect of this baby monitor is that it provides non-stop surveillance. As the camera is connected through a cable, every moment is recorded in the storage, even if parents are asleep.

The FHD camera recording will keep parents assured throughout the night. The audio detection of this model will notify of sounds through the smartphone. But some customers have asked for improving the white noise elimination from audio.

Ease of use

Victure PC420 has a clean and elegant design. The camera is centred on the upper side with a memory slot above the camera. The stand is designed such that it can easily be attached to a wall, stand, ceiling, or table.

The product comes with a user manual. Frankly, the process to attach the camera with your phone is convenient. The manual has a QR code that can be scanned for the app directly. The camera starts within an instant. As the baby monitor uses the wi-fi connection for transmission, you get quick access to the video feed.

But some parents have asked to allow simultaneous view of multiple cameras. This feature is yet to be included to the app.


The best part of this device is the price. As a single unit monitor; it has to be one of the cheapest products available. But there are other variants as well.

But some people have argued against that in order to use cloud storage they have to pay additional annual charges which they were not aware of before purchasing the product. But even if you don’t want to pay those charges, one can record the data in micro SD cards.

Overall the cost of the device is low compared to the rest of the baby monitors, making it affordable for any household.

Final verdict

Victure PC420 is an affordable device and intelligent purchase. It offers more than a usual baby monitor. It will make parents more assured of their baby’s welfare and safety, while also giving the parents a helping hand. This device will make parenting life a bit easier for sure.

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