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VieBeauti 5X LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit Review: Best for Coffee Stains

This at-home teeth whitening kit comes to the rescue for coffee lovers and the stains their beloved beverage leaves behind.

VieBeauti 5X LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit

VieBeauti 5X LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit

This product is very adept at fading stubborn coffee stains and brightening back teeth with its whitening gel formula. It targets both extrinsic and intrinsic stains with efficiency and gives professional quality results.

  • Brand: VieBeauti
  • Asin: B07WT7C65V
  • Item form: Gel


A handy, at-home whitening tool, the VieBeauti teeth whitening kit contains everything you need in one complete package. But while you have everything on hand, it requires three short 10-minute sessions to get the job done instead of a single session. Not all users will find this convenient to work with.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated 10 minute timer
  • Developed in FDA registered facilities


  • May cause sensitivity for some
  • Does not indicate the number of uses per kit
Value for money

The details

Nourishing and repairing your smile can cost a lot of money in a dental clinic but this kit helps you achieve the same results at home. It is effective on stubbornly stained teeth and does not induce any sensitivity or pain.


It has 5 LED bulbs that accelerate the whitening treatment and can be used for between 10-30 minutes as per requirement. You can start noticing a difference after the first session, but it needs 3 days to show complete results.

It has been designed to help people brighten their teeth in the shortest period with the best, long-lasting results. The universal whitening mouth tray fits in every mouth and does not cause any irritation or discomfort.


It features 3 prepackaged syringes of whitening gel and 1 remineralizing gel. This makes it easier for users to fill in the whitening trays without any of the mess or hassle of other teeth whitening systems.

It also contains 2 universal whitening trays and a storage case to keep them in after every use. The kit contains everything you need to restore your smile to its previous brightness.


It has been developed in FDA-approved facilities using professional-grade ingredients. If you have sensitive teeth, it is better to apply the remineralizing gel during the sessions to prevent any adverse reaction to your teeth or gums.

The gel is only to be used on the teeth and not on the gums. Once you are done with the treatment, you can wash your mouth with clean cold water.

Value for money

This product costs less as compared to other products of the same nature. The sessions are not long, but the results last a long time. Overall, a simple-to-use, at-home kit that delivers good value for the money.

Final verdict

VieBeuti works well for people looking to get rid of stubborn stains. It caters exceptionally well to people who want sustained teeth whitening results without compromising on their coffee/tea drinking habits.

But people who also have sensitive teeth along with coffee stains should be wary of its strong formula as it can cause severe discomfort and burns in the worst cases.

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