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Vitality Burn Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Supplement for Boosting Metabolism

Need a boost for your slack metabolism? Take a look at our recommendation to rev up lazy metabolism and get your weight loss efforts back on track.

Vitality Burn Weight Loss Supplement

Vitality Burn Weight Loss Supplement

A multipurpose formula that targets much more than weight loss alone, Vitality Burn is a powerful concoction of 58 potent compounds that not only boost vitality but also overall health for the long term. According to the makers of this supplement, every ingredient serves a purpose and works towards a strong immune system by flushing stored toxins from the body naturally.

  • Brand: Vitality Burn
  • Unit count: 30 scoops
  • Item form: Powder


Vitality Burn claims to be a multifaceted weight loss supplement that helps users maintain and retain their ideal body weight, keep the heart healthy, improve blood flow, and open blood vessels to maximize blood circulation. And while it may seem like an all-in-one solution to every health issue you may ever have had, it does not deliver instant results and you need to be patient to get the full benefits.


  • Restores vitality and overall health
  • Non-habit forming
  • Money back guarantee


  • Only available online
  • May contain allergens
  • No free shipping
Value for money

The details

A truly multifaceted supplement, Vitality Burn goes into other areas of improving your health other than weight management alone. Makers claim that the formula has been specially designed to improve overall health, vitality, and regulate weight gain without any other efforts.


The clever formula uses a whopping 58 ingredients, many of which have solid scientific backing for contributing to overall health, are safe to use, and present significant weight loss benefits.   

It will also help balance enzyme levels, provide antioxidant and amino acid support to the GI tract, reduce toxin buildup in the body, and regulate blood sugar levels.  

In addition, it may also be able to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by stimulating the body’s nervous system and helping users with managing insomnia.

The supplement is available in powdered form for easy consumption by everyone.

Manufacturers claim that continued use of their supplement can help users lose 3 pounds on average a week which does not seem unrealistic at all. Especially so, since they also recommend pairing it up with a balanced diet and proper exercise.

We like that the manufacturers of Vitality Burn are honest in the sense since many other supplement manufacturers claim that their products do not need to be combined with exercise and dietary changes.


Vitality Burn showcases an impressive high-quality ingredient profile that can completely fill any dietary gaps and help you lose weight as well. Its 58-ingredient profile uses some very well-known, potent ingredients to assist weight loss and offer other health benefits as well.

The main ingredients used in Vitality Burn include:

  • Ashwagandha is very effective in managing blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, and improving heart health.
  • Chicory is an excellent source of fiber that can help improve metabolism, assist absorption, and maintain digestive regularity.
  • Maitake mushrooms stimulate the immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, and reducing weight.
  • Mangosteen is an excellent natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, and folate.
  • Lactic acid is a probiotic strain that improves fat loss and fights anxiety and depression.  
  • Vitamin K is excellent for healing while keeping the brain and bones healthy.

Together, these ingredients with many others, target stubborn fat from different body parts and help maintain energy levels to stay healthy. The formula can improve and support heart health, arterial health, LDL levels, blood pressure, sugar levels, and much more. Each serving comes with an adequate dose of multivitamins, minerals, proteins, and nutrients, to fortify the immune system and flush stored toxins from the body.

And even though the ingredient list is very impressive in terms of potency, it is still very long. This makes us wonder, whether how many of the ingredients are doing the work and how many are merely dead weight.


The safety of Vitality Burn is ensured by using only natural ingredients within the formula. There have been no reports of serious side effects associated with its long-term use, but manufacturers do advise not exceeding the recommended one or two scoops per day.

Anyone using medications for any reason should first consult with their doctor whether Vitality Burn is suitable for them or not.

Since there is such a long list of ingredients, users should carefully go through this list to identify any potential allergens included in the supplement.

All Vitality Burn production takes place in the United States within an FDA-approved facility in compliance with GMP standards.

Value for money   

Vitality Burn is available for purchase on the official website only. It offers standard pricing with one bottle costing users $69 plus shipping.

The company also offers a 3-bottle bundle priced at $99 plus shipping and a 6-bottle bundle priced at $180 plus shipping.

Each bottle of Vitality Burn contains 30 scoops enough to last you for a month and comes with a money-back guarantee as individual results can vary.

Final verdict

If you want to jumpstart your metabolism, restore pH levels, boost the immune system, and find protection against free radicals, then Vitality Burn is all you need. You get a potent formula at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality that comes with a risk-free guarantee.

We recommend it best for people who are looking for more than simple weight loss and want to restore their overall health. Just be sure to check for allergens specific to your condition since it does contain a very long list of ingredients.

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