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Vudu Free Streaming Service Review: Best for On-Demand Content

OwlRatings choice on-demand content streaming service has more than 5000 free movies, 600 seasons of TV series and one original show called Mr Mom.

Vudu Free Streaming Service

Vudu Free Streaming Service

Vudu not only streams content for free but also allows subscribers to rent or buy content. The paid option allows subscribers to watch the most recent movies in a higher resolution.

  • Brand: Vudu
  • Live TV: No
  • Founded: 2004


With movies featuring popular actors like Will Smith and Tom Cruise, Vudu is your ultimate choice for on-demand video content. It offers paid content, too, but each category (paid and free content) is labeled clearly to avoid confusion.


  • Watch the newest releases
  • Save movies online to watch later


  • Few originals
User experience
Streaming speed
Value for money

The details

With a library of up to 10,000 movies, Vudu boasts a vast collection of movies and shows you can binge for free. The Walmart-owned streaming service streams free content and allows subscribers to purchase the latest movies.


Despite its vast movie lineup, none of them comprises new blockbusters. Instead, it’s a selection of the best content, usually superior to other free streaming services. It has recent movie titles like Four Weddings, The Prestige, a Funeral, Hoosiers, and All is Lost. And unlike other free streaming services, Vudu plans to produce original shows like Albedo with Evangeline Lilly, a sci-fi series.

User experience

We found Vudu pretty easy to use. Free content and that available for purchase are marked. You can filter content based on your preferences, too- an option available to free titles only. As for the ads, we found them a little annoying as they were incredibly repetitive. Sometimes you need to choose an option to continue watching content.

Streaming speed

For the best viewing quality, Vudu recommends an internet streaming speed of 11 Mbps. Upon testing it at lower rates we found the streaming provider down-sized the streaming signal to 1080p or lower automatically. We also realized it was necessary to use a physical Ethernet connection for internet connection, even if your compatible streaming device has a built-in WiFi port.


Having expanded its lineup of free content recently, Vudu performs pretty well compared to other free streaming services. It rotates its movie and shows collection regularly, allowing you to binge on old and new titles. It also added a recommendation feature that helps users find movies and shows based on the most recent watches.

Final verdict

Vudu lives up to the hype. With more than 5,000 available for free, it makes the best streaming service for on-demand content. What’s more, switching to another service is pretty easy as Vudu doesn’t have a sign up process.

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