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Vumoo – Free Movie Streaming Alternatives

Try these legal movie and TV series streaming alternatives to stream the latest content in full HD.

With people leaning more towards streaming every day, illegal piracy websites are now out of hand. One prime example is Vumoo that is hell-bent on never stopping and always offering the latest releases and series. The world of piracy is a dark one and our goal is to keep it away from it. We want to tell you how these websites deceive you into thinking they are legal while causing problems for you.

Vumoo – at a glance

Vumoo is another illegal online streaming website but due to its similarity to 123Movies, many speculate that the same creators are behind both this website. Vumoo gained popularity in 2019 as a substitute to some famous streaming websites that were shutting down. Although Vumoo also has many mirror websites, its main and famous domain is the ‘Vumoo.life’. Although it shut down, this does not stop the creators in keeping the legacy alive.  

Vumoo is the hub of many pirated movies, series, and shows giving you all the content you could want. It is not legal as it breaks numerous copyright laws regarding pirated content distribution. So while you have fun watching your favorite movie, know that you are partaking in a crime.

How Vumoo functions

Working as a search engine for unlawful content, Vumoo grabs illegal movie copies like leaked Blu-ray, cinema recordings, streaming recordings and displays them on its website ready for you to play. It does this by using a torrent so when you click on a movie or show, Vumoo will redirect to you another page and offer various players for streaming the content. It does not host those movies and series but merely acts as a path for accessing pirated content.

Dangers lurking around you

We not only want to oppose piracy but also want to educate you on the many dangers surrounding you when you visit such websites. Although you might think it is just a movie streaming, what is the big deal? Allow us to explain. Not only will this website install viruses and horrible malware in your system risking your data, but the legal issues should also be your number one concern. Piracy is punishable and can land you in prison. You expose your IP address fully displaying your location to authorities, and no VPNs do not save you.

Furthermore, with relentless advertisements and pornographic content, it can be really damaging for the younger audience who may click away without thinking. Remember, such websites will also have no reservations about selling your data to third parties.

Forget illegal streaming

It’s alright, we have all been down the road of wanting to click play when free content is available but restraining yourself is the real strength. If you love movies and follow series then why not pay for streaming services? They will not cost you much and give you zero ads. All the content is categorized and regularly new shows release. Choose the right path and you will always be at peace and know that free always has a price tag.

Best Legal Movie Streaming Alternative

The good news is that you can stream full movies & TV shows using one of these top 10 best streaming services we reviewed. They’re cheap and some even offer a free trial.

We highly recommend to also use one of these 10 best vpn services we reviewed. VPNs can give you full privacy and improve your safety by changing your location.

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